Where are the Bleeding Heart Liberals now?

Mon, 03/09/2012 - 19:00
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Lynne asks are we mad as the UK Borders Agency tells Professor John Tulloch he is no longer welcome or needed by the United Kingdom. He was born to British parents in colonial India and classed as a “British subject without citizenship”. He became an Australian citizen in the 1990s and his British passport was confiscated. His entire family all hold British passports. Doesn’t he have the same right to a family life as the vile murderous pondlife the courts allow to stay in Britain? Not so Great anymore!
Other Items: 
• Sectarian riots again in Northern Ireland
• 10 Pilot whales saved but 16 die in Fife
• 55 new ‘free’ schools are to open this autumn
• Eurozone decline in manufacturing output
• Tchaikovsky with guns!
• New recruits in Afghanistan to be vetted more
• Thought for the Day – Are we mad?
• And finally – cocktails ahoy!
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