Weary resignation replaced by real anger!

Fri, 28/09/2012 - 19:00
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• “For more than a decade this has gone on. I’m no fan of the British National Party, because I hate racism, but the BNP was warning about this back in 2001. And what happened? Its leader was arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred. • “People feel they cannot trust the establishment and they begin to look beyond the establishment for a bit of help. It may hurt to say it, it may be politically inconvenient, in may stick in the throat – but the BNP was right about this issue.” • The issue, of course, is Muslim grooming gangs preying on our girls, and the words are those of Rod Liddle, writing in his column in the Sun yesterday.
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• This man raped & murdered and was set free to rape again twice
• Whilst Mrs Walker receives the full fury of the system!
• John Terry faces Politically correct wrath as well
• Report from Nick Griffin MEP – Muslim Sexual Grooming, from The Times to the Sun!
• Plane heading for Everest crashes killing 19 people
• Man behind anti Muslim film is jailed for probation violation
• Thought for the Day – Problems or Solutions?
• And finally – a Fishy problem or a Digital one?
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