We are quite, quite bonkers!!!!

Wed, 06/02/2013 - 20:00
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Our media only encourages us to be mindful of immigrants and to see their side and feel pity for them, that is part of the new moral code. Well it might well come down to basics my friends, If someone needs a house and it is mine or his – it will be mine. If someone needs food for his family, mine or his – it will be mine If someone needs medical help for mine or his –it will be mine If someone wants education for his children, mine or his – it will be mine If someone needs a job mine or his – it will be mine The things that will not be mine are: overcrowding, disease, poverty, third world politics or religions, lack of arable land, no border controls, no pride or no hope – these will not be mine – these do not belong in England anytime, anywhere or anyplace – ever – they are not part of my moral code any more.
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