A Practical and Sensible Nationalist Proposal

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 20:00
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This week Nick outlines a proposal for a simple 3 per cent Unused Utility levy every two years on the value of all building plots which have had unused planning permission on them for more than 15 months. This would force the big cartels to get build new homes or to sell off plots to smaller firms who will. The price of both building land and new homes would drop to more affordable levels, helping young families to buy their own homes. Local authorities would receive valuable extra income to plough into renovating rental older properties, rather than leaving them to run down so they can be demolished and replaced by more private yuppy developments. That's the sensible, practical, nationalist proposal.
Other Items: 
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• Saturday sees name changes for wards in Tower Hamlets
• Met Office Releases Revised Global Temperature Predictions
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• Egypt’s new constitution prepares the way for an Islamic caliphate
• Kenya's Wildlife Service says it is pursuing Elephant family killers.
• Thought for the Day – Diversity versus Genocide?
• And finally – Real Snake on a Plane!
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