New Hope, New Pride, New Future

Fri, 01/02/2013 - 20:00
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Nick offers the key to unlock new hope, new pride, and a new future as the masters of deceit realise their pretence we'd gone away isn’t so. Then their left Wing MEPs attempt to bar Alliance of European National Movements from sharing the 20 million Euro pot to help fund pan-European political parties, but we know we're different; we know we have the answers; and we must prove that we are different through our actions. Lynne declares I am a Nationalist, not necessarily anti Muslim or pro Zionist and asks “Can the Holocaust happen again?” and the sad fact is it could and probably will! Many Muslim governments have voiced “that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth”. Who has challenged that? No one with any real cojones!
Other Items: 
• Abdal Ullah and His New Power List of British Bangladeshis
• Chief Rabbi Weighs Into Sunday Times Scarfe Cartoon Row
• Deceit, Treachery and Hypocrisy… it Was a Grubby Day’s Work for the Left
• 50% of Spanish Families with No Savings
• Minority Paying to Support Majority as Employment Level Plummets in Denmark
• High-Schoolers Told Cannibalism Allowed in Egypt:
• Iran Successfully Sends Monkey Into Orbit
• And finally – Just How Low Can A Newspaper Go?
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