Muslims Offended, Lynne Offended, Nick Rational

Fri, 21/09/2012 - 19:00
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Nick tells us whilst the currency crisis deepens in Europe the EU’s liberal left fret over carbon dioxide drowning polar bears. The British media is not reporting the latest Muslim riots in Belgium in response to the film on Mohammed and the devil’s alliance that produced the film. We have serious concerns over the Islamisation of our country, but that is no reason for wantonly insulting and angering hundreds of millions of innocent Muslims in their own. We will not promote the film. We will continue building our alternative media. • Lynne is offended. What doesn’t offend Lynne?
Other Items: 
 Illegal exposes himself in front of judge to get into our prisons
 13 year old Afghani found wandering along motorway
 Internet Trolls desecrate memory of murdered WPC’s
 50 innocents wounded in Pakistani riots and more to come in France
 50 rebels die in Syria at their tanks petrol filling station bombing by government troops
 And finally – a dog shoots his owner!
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