The European Union’s Own Goal

Fri, 13/07/2012 - 19:00
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Nick addresses the ‘Europhile conspiracy’ to destroy free European nations and the neo-con/Ultra-Zionist’ (not code for ‘the Jews’) led counter-jihad movement. He tells us Spain, which now stands on the brink of genuine chaos, does not have three months. The Euro does not have three months. “I'm inclined to think these are now cock-ups, rather than conspiracies. Rather than it being deliberate, the truth is that no one is in control at all.” While we are pleased these groups have woken up to the Islamic threat., we are motivated by very different considerations. We are here to fight for our land, our people, our freedoms, our traditions. When they attack Islam, the people behind the so-called counter-jihad movement are not concerned with defending the traditional identity of the nations of Europe - indeed most of them are still promoting multi-racialism and genocidal integration policies at every possible opportunity. "But we are the people of England and we have not spoken yet. Smile at us, pay us, pass us, but do not quite forget." GK Chesterton
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