A ‘Bluster of Bullies’!

Wed, 23/01/2013 - 21:00
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Bullying is not a school yard pastime as Marlene Guest’s recent and very distressing BNPTV video demonstrates. It is a national pastime. I for one intensely dislike this Bluster of Bullies from whatever ethnicity or religion they come from. Our authorities should take better care of our elderly and vulnerable people, even though in their eyes they no longer count. Most of our own elderly have supported this country through two world wars in order to help and pay for the vulnerable in our society – and should be treated with respect. You may not like the comparison, but if it was English white yobs or whole families bullying an old Muslim or African lady – the Police and the Public media bullies would be out in force clamouring for ‘justice’ – now can you see why I am angry over this?
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