The Opposition

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English Democrats Vs the British National Party

Are the English Democrats really nationalists at all? What sort of party have the liars of Butler’s failed 'rebellion' gone off to join?

The True Face of Immigration – Roger Phillips Wembley Video

One of the most effective publicity videos produced by people on our side, this powerful video shows up the English Democrats in two ways:

Muslim Candidates and Vote-Splitters

Are the English Democrats schizophrenic? Certainly the party appears to have some kind of split personality disorder.

‘Not real nationalists at all.’ We expose the English Democrats and their new allies

‘The liars have lost in their bid to smear their way into control of the British National Party. So now they’re off to try to take over the insignificant and crisis-ridden English Democrats.

Searchlight’s Carbon Copy Plan

Desperate to destroy the British National Party before the gathering economic crisis propels us to ‘escape velocity’ and huge growth, Searchlight and our other far-left/Zionist/state opponents have

English Democrats Back Sinn Fein and Make Sick Video that Mocks Scots and Insults the Real English

Although they’re soft on Muslims, the English Democrats contain a wide streak of vicious hostility to the pro-British majority in Northern Ireland, as well as to the Scots and the Welsh.

English Democrats Debt Crisis

Nationally, the English Democrats’ latest accounts lodged with the Electoral Commission show them to be in debt to the tune of more than £200,000. 

Police Infiltrators Also Use Lies to Disrupt

Searchlight are not the only people with a long track record of infiltrating groups like the British National Party so as to be able to use agents to disrupt and divide their targets.

The opposition mole – not a myth, a real animal!

Newcomers to the Cause may wonder if talk of ‘opposition moles’ is a bit far-fetched or even paranoid.

Butler – Making a Career of Division

Although he speaks 'mockney', Eddy Butler's own biography shows his upper-middle-class origins and explains the mystery of why he ends up speaking 'posh' whenever he gets drunk.