Searchlight’s Carbon Copy Plan

Desperate to destroy the British National Party before the gathering economic crisis propels us to ‘escape velocity’ and huge growth, Searchlight and our other far-left/Zionist/state opponents have spent several years trying to break us from ‘within’.

But because that effort has failed, they have now switched tactics, at least as far as using some of their moles and ‘useful idiots’ is concerned. This is why nearly every ambitious crook and long-term Searchlight/state plant is now trying to get people to switch to the English Democrats.

The opposition plants and the cowardly, greedy opportunists now joining the English Democrats are doing so because their masters’ Plan A – the attempt to destroy the British National Party from within – has failed. They failed because they totally underestimated the political and personal loyalty and the political savvy of British National Party members. 

Having failed, they are now implementing Plan B. Both plans are exact carbon copies of what Searchlight mole Ray Hill did to the nationalist movement in Britain in the 1980s, as he recounts in his autobiography ‘The Other Face of Terror’. 

First, Hill did all he could to disrupt the British Movement by using lies about financial impropriety to launch a bogus leadership challenge (Plan A):


'The strategy we adopted envisaged that I would endeavour to establish myself as a rival to McLaughlin for the party leadership. As long as I recruited enough support, the plan could not fail. Either I would depose McLaughlin and then allow BM to collapse under leadership the like of which they would never have seen before, or McLaughlin would be forced to expel me, in which case I would split the party, taking as many members as possible with me.' (page 133)


Central to the plan was a concerted effort to discredit McLaughlin by accusing him of failure and of financial impropriety. Interestingly, Searchlight's agents use the Frankfurt School’s ‘critical theory’ approach, relentlessly attacking their target with lies and half-truths. When their victim shows one attack to be a lie, they simply move on to another, grinding down the morale of those in the organisation with a relentless stream of bad news and deceit:


'In private conversations with activists I missed no opportunity to make guarded suggestions that while I was out there on the 'front line' with them, McLaughlin was comfortably ensconced in North Wales 'raking in the membership fees'.' (page 134)

'I concentrated on building myself up as an alternative leader, assiduously cultivating activist members at every opportunity. I used the same old theme that the movement's leadership was stale, tired, lazy and probably corrupt and that Change was needed... Some members even started muttering about having an election for a new leader.' (page 137) 


Many key members of the BM were taken in by Hill’s campaign of lies, so much so that when McLaughlin was finally left with no choice but to expel him in January 1981, large parts of the organisation announced that they were ‘going on strike’ in protest against the ‘dictatorial’ move to kick out the Searchlight troublemaker.

As his internal attacks on the British Movement had run their course, Hill now took these suckers with him as he moved on to Searchlight’s Plan B. This was to launch an equally bogus Campaign for Nationalist Unity and to join the fledgling BNP. 

Amazingly, despite everything that Hill had done to disrupt and divide nationalism, some people took his 'Campaign' at face value. Listening to his weasel words instead of looking at the damage done by his actions, they naively believed that his calls for 'unity' were sincere. After all, why would a Searchlight spy be arguing for the creation of a new nationalist party? Hill's own words explain what was going on then – and what Butler is clearly after now:


'Behind my involvement in the whole enterprise was the certain knowledge that as long as the process of splitting and fusion and then more splitting could be prolonged, no far-right group would be in a position to look outwards and project itself as a serious political force. At that time, we anticipated that we would later be in a position, if BNP began to grow, to split it down the middle by provoking a life or death leadership battle between myself and Tyndall, and then begin the cycle of internal war all over again.' (page 165)


The new Ray Hill

The English Democrats will find out all too soon that the new Ray Hill has now joined them. Some people think that Butler is nothing more than an egotistical crank who is driven to try to make up for his own deep-rooted inadequacies by trying to pull down others and seducing or harassing vulnerable women.

Others look more closely at history and at Butler's long record of division and say that what Butler really is and where he comes from is obvious to anyone who thinks it through. That’s why his constructive work for the Cause has always been balanced or outweighed by his relentless negativity, rudeness, ‘errors of judgement’ and role in inciting splits and setting good people at each other’s throats. It’s why he had for years to provide cover stories for how he could afford to do so much political work as well as to keep his two families (one BNP, one in his ‘real world’).

Whether he has always been an opposition mole like Ray Hill and many others, or whether he has 'only' used the far left as he uses everyone else, it is clear that Butler was for several years writing the detailed ‘insider’ accounts of top-level BNP meetings that used to appear on the far-left ‘anti-fascist’ blogs. More recently his uniquely catty and cleverly deceitful style has been appearing on his own blog. Just compare the two – identical!

Fortunately, his time disrupting the British National Party is over. He did his worst, and he lost. So now Butler and his little clique of fellow Searchlight assets, extremist cranks and thieves are moving on to follow his predecessor Hill’s Plan B in the English Democrats. If they weren’t such spineless sell-outs and would-be friends of the IRA, one could almost feel sorry for them!

(Left) Nationalist Unity Committee – Hill's Searchlight front group, 1981/82. Compare the design, and the mentality, with Butler's Nationalist Reconciliation 2011 scam (right). Just how stupid do Gable and his puppets think nationalists are? Butler has do(Left) Nationalist Unity Committee – Hill's Searchlight front group, 1981/82. Compare the design, and the mentality, with Butler's Nationalist Reconciliation 2011 scam (right). Just how stupid do Gable and his puppets think nationalists are? Butler has done more to set nationalists against one another than anyone since – er, Ray Hill! 


And how can anyone expect Butler and his fellow liars to be 'reconciled' with good people whose backs they have been stabbing for well over a year? It's an obvious propaganda trap for the particularly stupid!


Why did no-one spot Hill?

There’s the point – plenty of people did! Jack Noble, who had been with Hill in South Africa, told everyone that Hill either always had been a ‘grass’ or had sold out for money more recently and was hell-bent on disrupting nationalism in Britain.

A small group from Leicester National Front had also worked out exactly what he was (as with people from Butler’s part of north-east London, those closest to Hill not surprisingly were best placed to suss him as a ‘wrong ‘un’) and put out an anonymous but well-informed two-page bulletin to put people on guard. This information was recycled by Mike McLaughlin, then still leader of the British Movement, in a circular he sent out to its officials.

Unfortunately for McLaughlin, too many people who had initially been taken in by Hill’s lies about him and the finances were too stubborn or embittered to admit that they had been wrong. 

Likewise, John Tyndall and other founders of the BNP found Hill too useful an ally in their struggle for dominance of the nationalist movement with the National Front. Thus, for various personal and political reasons, people who should have spotted Ray Hill as an obvious Searchlight mole failed to do so, thereby allowing him to do serious damage to the Cause.

Those who today give credence, money and succour to the proven serial liar and disrupter Butler have fallen into the same trap.


Searchlight for beginners

What is Searchlight? It's a sinister organisation that spends all its time spying on and lying about nationalists. Since the early 1970s it has made a business out of recruiting informers in nationalist organisations and then using the information they provide to 'expose' peaceful and private events so that far-left thugs can turn up and use bullyboy tactics to try to get them closed down.

Searchlight was set up and is still run by hardcore Stalinist Communists, who fell out with the Communist Party when it criticised Israel for its brutal treatment of the Palestinians. Long-term head man Gerry Gable is a fanatical Zionist, whose son even served in the Israeli Army. 

His second wife, Sonia Hochfelder, was so keen to supply him with information to use against the 'fascists' that she slept with many senior members of the National Front, League of St. George and the crank Nazi group Column 88 while working as one of Gable's 'moles' and posing as a genuine nationalist. As is so often the case, many of those she betrayed wouldn't hear a word said against her until she came out as a Searchlight agent.

Like many hardline Zionists, Gable and his team are fanatically in favour of the Jewish people preserving their cultural and racial identity, but even more fanatically opposed to gentiles who demand the same basic human right for their own people. 

This hypocritical and truly racist ‘do as we say, not do as we do’ policy has its roots in the far-left Frankfurt School's assault on Western culture through constant criticism and the promotion of mass immigration and miscegenation (for every people except one).

But Searchlight isn't just about anti-British Marxism; it's also a lucrative business. Gable & Co. rake in a fortune in grants from left-wing trade unions, media appearance fees and overpaid 'consultancy work' for the Metropolitan Police (this despite Gable's criminal record for burglary and the jailing of several of his key associates for crimes ranging from arson to procuring young boys for sex, plus repeated incitement to and involvement in violence).

At the heart of this very profitable business model is being regarded as the best source of information on the so-called 'far right'. And by far the best source of information is informants. So for Searchlight, recruiting, inserting and paying informers is as central to their paycheques as controlling prostitutes is to a pimp. Informers are their stock in trade, the way they make their money.

And with virtually limitless money pouring in from union and charity grants, Searchlight can and do run and pay literally dozens of agents – most part-time, some full-time – in the nationalist movement.