English Democrats Vs the British National Party

Are the English Democrats really nationalists at all? What sort of party have the liars of Butler’s failed 'rebellion' gone off to join? Let’s take a closer look, and compare the positions of the English Democrats and the British National Party on the core issue of nationalism and ethnicity:

Like the British National Party, the English Democrats have a number of 'ethnic' members. But there is a crucial difference in how we regard them.

The British National Party, by contrast, recognises pro-British members of assimilated minorities as British in a civic sense, and welcomes their contribution to our fight for fair play for, and the future survival of, the indigenous peoples of these islands. 

But we absolutely reject the poisonous, Politically Correct, anti-indigenous fiction that they are English, or Scottish, or Welsh, or Irish. They may well be very decent people, but if any of us went to Nigeria or Afghanistan, no-one would dream of pretending that we were Nigerians or Afghans. 

To the EngDems though, just like the LibDems, anyone who lives in England and signs on the line supporting England is regarded as 'English'. So an African living in London or a Pakistani Muslim living in Bradford can join the English Democrats and not only call themselves, but be regarded by that party as, 'English'. 

Which begs the question, if anyone can call themselves 'English', what is special about the English? In fact, if anyone can be English, do the English actually exist as a separate and special people?


Not if you follow the logic of the English Democrats. On 12th February this year, in the course of a bitter internal rift (which is worsening by the day) over whether to admit a small group of ex-BNP turncoats, they issued the following statement:


'We wish to state categorically that at no time have we attempted to initiate any political arrangements with the British National Party as we consider their political beliefs to be an anathema to the vast majority of the people of England. The English Democrats remain, as we always have been, committed to advancing the political, social and economic interests of all the people of England regardless of their race, ethnicity or heritage.' 


Note they use the singular word 'people'. That's because, to the English Democrats, every featherless biped that manages to get to England is English! This is confirmed on their voteenglish website, where they state that: 


'Our party welcomes anyone on the electoral roll of England to join, irrespective of background. All who identify with and feel themselves to be English are welcome.'




'The people of England are all those UK citizens who live in England. In electoral terms, the people of England are all those UK citizens who are on the electoral roll of an English constituency. The people of England therefore includes the people of many nations, all of whom share a common UK citizenship.'


Twisted and cancerous

So where does the English Democrats' twisted 'civic nationalism' come from? It's not an accident, and it definitely doesn't have English roots. The denial of the right of the native peoples of our islands to enjoy and protect our own unique ethnic and cultural identity has its origins in the Marxist revisionism of the Frankfurt School. From there it has spread like a cancer through the entire body politic, infecting Labour, LibDems, Tories, UKIP and the English Democrats. 

When they say that anyone can be English, they are all in fact agreeing that being English means nothing. All of them share this racist obsession with the BBC, which is why the BBC – like the rest of the Political Class – treat the EngDems with a fairness that they never accord to the British National Party.

That's because, just like UKIP, the English Democrats are a part of the liberal-left attack on our nation. They are just another safety valve, designed to lead good people up a blind alley, and to divide the true nationalist cause.