Olympic G4S security fiasco

Mon, 16/07/2012 - 05:00
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Outraged G4S employees have disclosed the entire extent of the firm’s Olympic security disarray.

Security at the principal 2012 site announced recruits who cannot speak English are patrolling the vital checkpoints that protect the venue from terrorists and with less than two weeks to go before the Games begin, numerous staff still lack crucial training, and have not yet received uniforms or work rotas.

One recruit, who has 30 years of experience with London Metropolitan Police said “It’s a farce. If the public knew half of what was going on they’d be very worried about coming to the Games.

“Guns are getting through test scans and people who can’t write their names or speak English are being trusted to protect the site. I’ve spent years working with the police and security and I’d say 30 per cent of the staff are good while the rest are rubbish.”

Looking on G4S’s Facebook page for new recruits it is packed with complaints about its disorderly operation. https://www.facebook.com/G4SCareers

In more disgusting revelations it was found some of the 3,500 soldiers drafted in to reinforce security in the wake of the company’s failing are being forced to sleep rough between shifts.

An irate engineer at the Stratford site in East London said: “When I arrived for work I saw two exhausted young lads in uniform lying under a tarpaulin sheet. It’s a disgrace.”

Many extra police officers are also set to be utilised to stand guard at Olympic venues all over the country which include Wembley, Old Trafford, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and Newcastle’s St James’ Park which will all host 2012 football games.

The move will put an immense extra pressure on an already burdened police force with their rest days looking likely to be cancelled.
Under paramount scrutiny,G4S chief executive Nick Buckles has finally admitted blame for the shambles saying he was “deeply disappointed” his company had performed poorly in efforts to recruit enough staff.

The company whose contract for the Games is worth £284MILLION — said it would pay the overheads for the increased military deployment, now claims it will make a loss of £50 million on the deal.
David Cameron said: “I am absolutely clear that if companies don’t deliver on their contract then they should be pursued for that money.”
G4S’s corporate “theme song” is being ridiculed on the internet. Its lyrics brag how G4S staff adore their jobs and urges them to “be the winner you were born to be”.

In comparison to the shambles at G4S, devoted soldiers are preparing to shelter the country during the Games by manning missile launchers on Blackheath Common, South East London while HMS Ocean sailed up the Thames to strengthen security.

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