Vehicle Prices Will Increase because of EU’s Hypocrisy on Carbon Emission

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New European Union rules on vehicular carbon emissions and speed inhibitors will cause the price of light commercial vehicles to rise by several thousand pounds, Nick Griffin MEP has warned.

Speaking during the latest BNPtv discussion programme made at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Mr Griffin said that the new rules were not about safety or environmental concerns, but merely another form of taxation.

“The rules will potentially add several thousand pounds to the cost of every single light commercial vehicle,” Mr Griffin told programme host Simon Darby and fellow panellist Andrew Brons MEP.

“These are the vehicles driven by the ‘white van man’ which are absolutely essential to small businesses and huge companies,” he said. “They are therefore very much a key part of the economy.”

The new EU rules say that these vehicles are causing too much carbon and seek to impose two punitive measures, he said.

“The first is to fine the manufacturers for every gram of carbon they put out over a certain amount. This is quite a low target,” Mr Griffin said.

“The second is to fit the vehicles with speed inhibitors. These are the things which big lorries already have.”

Mr Griffin said there were several problems involved in the legislation.

The first is that there is a bigger picture of a dangerous precedent being set. First to be targeted are the huge vehicles, than the lorries, then the smaller commercial vehicles.

“How long before ordinary cars are the next target?” he said.

“This is done under the guise of carbon concerns, but in the end this is an attack on motorists.

“It is not a safety feature either, as everyone knows that it is necessary in some instances to drive slightly faster to overtake safely. With speed inhibitors, that option would be impossible,” Mr Griffin said.

Furthermore, if the EU were serious about fuel efficiency, they would be promoting the use of carbon fibre as car body material. This would reduce the weight of a car, which in turn would reduce fuel consumption.

“But this is not what the C02 scam is about,” Mr Griffin said. “It is really all about making money for this involved in the carbon trading and about controlling ordinary people.”

Other topics covered in the half hour show include the admission from the Dutch government that wind farms are unsightly and inefficient; the BBC’s bias and other related developments in the EU; and ends with an interesting discussion on behavioural psychology.

The programme can be viewed in full below.


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