Revealed: How Asylum Seekers Are Paid More than British Pensioners

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A new analysis of benefit figures by BNP News has revealed that a newly arrived 'asylum seeker' with three children can claim more in benefits per month than a British pensioner.



If the “asylum seeker” or refugee has more dependents, the amount of benefits rises proportionally.

Currently, the basic state pension for a single British person is £95.25 a week. This rises to £152.30 for a couple. Whether they get this full amount depends on how many national insurance contribution years they have completed.

The basic pension is lower than the income support threshold, so if they have no other income, state pensioners can top up with income support. This comes in the form of a means-tested Pension Credit which brings the weekly amount up to £130 for a single person and £198.45 for a couple.

'Asylum seekers', on the other hand, get £40 per week for gas and electricity and another £35 per week per person towards food, clothing and toiletries.

This means that an 'asylum seeker' family of four gets £140 for food and another £40 for gas and electricity, brining their total to £180 in one week.

This is not the end of the story, though. These grants to 'asylum seekers' are topped up by access to the following benefits, as they might be applicable to the individual concerned:

Income Support

Income based Job Seekers Allowance

Housing Benefit

Council Tax Benefit

Social Fund

Disability Living Allowance

Attendance Allowances

Invalid Care Allowances

Service Disablement Allowances

Non-contributory Incapacity Benefit

Working Families’ Tax Credit

Disabled Person’s Tax Credit

Child Benefit

It is the child benefit scheme which is the real goldmine for asylum seekers.

'Asylum-seeker' lone parent benefits are £42.16 per week, with £50 per week per child. A single 'asylum seeker' with three children will automatically qualify for cash payments of £192.16 per week, almost the same as a British pensioner couple.

This is however just the straight cash grant. In addition to this money, 'asylum seekers' with dependents also qualify for further subsidies as per the list above, which pushes their real income way above that given to British pensioners.

Finally, 'asylum seekers' are entitled to register with a local GP and receive services from the NHS, all courtesy of the taxpayer.

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