Stop Press: Boston Crime Epidemic now a Crisis!

Thu, 21/02/2013 - 17:00
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From Our Chief Lincolnshire Correspondent-Incredibly only 72 hours after our posting regarding the acutely concerning situation in Boston there has been a shocking further number of cases in Boston Magistrates Court involving migrant workers.

In total 70 % of residents from the town who appeared for driving offences were migrant workers with total fines for the 10 totalling £5,000.

However offences were more severe including owning vehicles not insured, failure to surrender registration documents, three counts of keeping a car which was unlicensed on a public road, driving with excess alcohol & no insurance and failure to comply with a community order.

These cases involving Boston defendants included prosecutions against Jolanta Bekrlarek, Roland Budrys, Carlos Gomes, Laima Kamanduliene, Michal Michalski, Aivaras Saulvs, Romas Silgalis,Darius Suma, Andrezej Samociuk & Christopher Schaffarczyk.

Mariusz Piciura [23], a Polish National named on the earlier website report who was' Wanted’ by Lincolnshire Police has now been located and has been charged with burglary.

Boston is entering a period of palpable crisis coming at the same time as it is revealed that The Boston Borough Council Chief Executive Richard Harbord is being paid £108,000 per year for only 15 days work per month.

Lincolnshire County Council have indeed increased the wage bill for the highest earning staff by £5 Million per year. This in itself is causing huge frustration in a town where young people are unable to find work.

The Party statement British Jobs for British Workers is being once again noticed and despite desperation in the town the Party is gaining new ground and winning new friends.

Regrettably, up to 34 % of children in parts of Boston are living below the poverty line echoing fears by locals that the town is slipping into the abyss and is being isolated.

This position is perhaps further confirmed by the situation concerning the total lack of help to combat the crime wave in the town from the newly elected Police & Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick.

Mr Hardwick, elected on 15 November 2012 in the national £100 Million Election farce and following a lamentable 15.63% turnout has publicly stated [sic] ' Listening to people who know their community and taking on board their problems & suggestions is the best way to be an effective PCC.'

However, Mr Hardwick appears pre occupied with forums, meetings, surgeries, tweets and youth panels and has skilfully failed to visit and walk around the streets of Boston in 2013 to see for himself the scale of the transformation of the town into an almost unrecognisable melting pot of despair, crime and depravation.

Many Boston residents would have plenty to tell him regarding crime in their community.

If proof were needed simply consult the twitter page of Alan Hardwick, The Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire and unsurprisingly Boston is mentioned only twice solely in December 2012 when he proposed to consult on the tricky subject of street drinking!

Hardly the actions of a man determined to tackle crime hotspots where migrant workers and foreign nationals appear to be well represented in Court Reports.

The residents of Boston have deep concerns regarding high levels of crime, reduced employment opportunities for our young people, child poverty, high levels of migrant workers, health facilities being degraded and demeaned by the sheer volume of patient footfall and critically horrendous concerns regarding the loss of their English identity in their town.

One writer of a very coherent letter to the local party PO Box stated ' The Police are run ragged, crime is mostly undetected and their are floods of new people arriving weekly, Boston is no longer my home - I feel lost! '.

Surely it is time real efforts were made to combat crime in the town and to restore a level of law & order, in particular with vehicle crime which is clearly out of control.

The British National Party is maintaining a presence in the area and new members are welcome to bolster strong levels of support.

Ironically, one hardworking Boston party stalwart, a nationalist for over 30 years, in late 2012 had reached the position where he had had enough and has left the town.

Let us have your views. Get in touch with the Party at: Lincolnshire Coastal Branch, PO Box 43, Alford, Lincolnshire, LN13 3AH.

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