South Tyneside Day of Action

Mon, 11/02/2013 - 18:00
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By Chris Thornton -On a cold sunny NE day 11 members from the South Tyneside branch set up a table top stall at The Viking Shopping Centre Jarrow South Tyneside.

We could have taken the easy option and returned to the busy town centre of South Shields where we had collected 800 EU Out signatures in two previous visits during the summer.

However, we decided on Jarrow because of the high support we get on election days in the wards in that area and although you do not see the crowds of a large town centre the amount of support we received was very encouraging and makes it all worthwhile.

We gave out hundreds of Anti-Grooming, Anti-Halal leaflets and VOF’s as well as receiving some generous donations. The EU Out leaflet is very popular and in the 2 hours we collected over 100 signatures and a dozen postal votes.

People in the NE are starting to see through The LIB/LAB/Con party. They are starting to ask questions such as why is the UK in the EU when it is costing the tax payer £53m each and every day?

Why is the UK in the EU when it has just cost the NE over 500 jobs at the Alcan Aluminium Smelting Plant for unfairly pricing them out of the world market with emission taxes?

They are starting to ask questions such as who benefits apart from big businesses when our borders are wide open for cheap labour from Eastern Europe, which is pricing our children out of jobs?

They are starting to ask questions such as how can politicians such as our local MP David Miliband earn nearly £1m from big businesses whilst still being an MP?

They are starting to ask the question, is this the reason our local MP David Miliband used our vote to stay in the EU?

People in South Tyneside are waking and as a result our support will continue to grow.

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