The SNP. A real nationalist party?

Thu, 01/03/2012 - 07:00
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Are the SNP a real nationalist party? They would have you believe so and the press seem to think them as a nationalist grouping. So what makes their form of nationalism different to the British National Party and our patriotic nationalism?

The SNP are making great noises over their plan to destruct a system that has worked for the past 300 years, namely Great Britain or United Kingdom. They believe that by giving the people of Scotland a vote on independence that it will come out Yes and therefore Scotland over time would become a truly independent nation.

So what makes our nationalism different concerning Scotland? Firstly the Scottish BNP believes that a devolved Scotland is important. There is no doubt the Parliament in Edinburgh has benefited Scotland. Does that mean the SNP’s policy to go to full independence is logical? The answer is NO.

The idea that independence will free Scotland is blown away when we look at the SNP views over the European Parliament. King Salmon hopes that once he has won a vote that he would steer our land back into the grasps of the EU. He and the SNP are Euro huggers. Research has shown that much of our daily life now is controlled by Autocrats.

An independent Scotland would still feel the full grasp of Europe. Scots fishing would still be destroyed by the same old Euro policies of allowing Europe’s fishermen to wipe out stocks. Fiscal policy would still have to be discussed with the EU. We would still be bound by the good meaning but terrible in practice EU Human Rights Court which leaves us to look after a certain scumbag cleric!

The British National Party takes a very different nationalist view. We believe that it is very important to have good relationships with our European friends through trade agreements, even fiscal discussions. We would take Britain out of the EU. That’s a big difference. Britain with its devolved Parliaments would be independent of interfering Brussels. Scotland would make its own fishing policies that would create jobs not destroy our fleet. With a gradual withdrawal we would use the millions upon millions of pounds paid to the EU each year to better the lives of Scots and British. Better housing, education and care. We put Scots and Brits first.

King Salmon being a Euro hugger will have to decide whether to take Scotland in to the Euro. We expect a positive move by the SNP towards this.

The British National Party is totally opposed to losing the pound and most Scots back us on that. Joining a European currency would again destroy any real chance of independence and would shackle Scotland to the absolute disaster that is affecting Eurozone land. Pure fiscal policy would be lost. Fancy Scotland being governed by Euro non elected officials as per Italy, Greece? NO!

So SNP =Independence and break up of GB, getting closer to the EU, possible currency change and loss of true fiscal policy and seeing Scotland shackled by EU Parliament rules.

British National Party = British independence of the EU, negotiating trade agreements at our advantage not EU policy. No Euro, keep the pound. Fishing would be our privilege not negotiated by Eurocrats. Devolved Parliaments kept. Money wasted by the bucket load which goes monthly to the Eurocratic EU would be instead spent on benefiting Scots and British people. We look after our people first.

Now there is another big difference between our true patriotic nationalism and the SNP.That is immigration and asylum.

Whilst the SNP seems to not mind the masses from Third World countries to come to Scotland and take jobs and claim benefits, we would stop this. Be certain of that! By being out of the EU we would become independent on our immigration policy thus the borders of our lands. Of course immigration will still happen but at our controlled level and skills needed. Whilst Scots and fellow British are out of work, Salmon’s form of nationalism will continue to allow the flood to happen.

With our patriotic nationalism, money would be saved by the British National Party by cutting vastly the numbers of unskilled immigrant workers and the claims for benefits from some of them. Scots and British would have a greater chance of employment and benefit savings would be used for job creation. It’s a win win situation. Scots and Brits on welfare would find it easier to find work, thus the benefits bill will be cut along with stopping those immigrants who claim welfare. Scots and other British in work would be paying tax as well, which helps the country's finances.

Finally, Asylum. No doubt you will have read about the placing of bogus asylum seekers in Scottish cities. Whilst King Salmon and the SNP would keep Scotland part of the EU with its disastrous open borders policy means we are flooded by huge numbers of asylum seekers. 

The British National Party will stop the taking of many of these people unless they come to Britain in controlled acceptable numbers via World agreements on asylum. The EU`s eastern back door has become a flood gate allowing people who have no right to settle to have easy access into all parts of Europe including our land. Once in, it seems nigh impossible to get rid of them.

That does not mean as true nationalists in Scotland that we are not proud to help those in distress, we are but through the proper UN system. Not the EU no borders policy that allows the invasion of Third Worlders that an SNP independent Scotland chained to Europe would continue to allow.

Is the SNP the true Nationalists? No. It is the British National Party in Scotland that is the true Patriotic Nationalists.

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