Skegness RIP 1935 - 2012

Wed, 02/01/2013 - 15:00
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From Our Chief Lincolnshire Correspondent.

In England's traditional East coast seaside resort - the home of beaches, buckets & spades, candy floss, the clock tower, the circus, day trips, doughnuts, donkey rides, The 1908 GNR ' Skegness is so Bracing ' world famous poster , guest houses, haddock & chips, The Jolly Fisherman, the pier, Punch & Judy, summer sunshine and seaside family holidays our way of life has been altered forever.

Back in spring 1935 Billy Butlin opened his first ever Butlins Holiday Camp in Skegness offering fun, hope, laughter and opportunity for all.

Now in darkest winter 2012,  The Grand Mufti Addul Hannaan of Luton recited the verses of the Quran at the inaugural ceremony of the opening of The Skegness Halal Abattoir before reminding all present that ' as eating halal is obligatory on every Muslim, so is supporting businesses who have invested in producing proper halal meat to Prophetic methods[zabihah][Jhatka free].'

Present at the opening were also Sheikh Ali Derradji of Leeds grand mosque, Sheikh Abdurrahman, Sheikh Abdul Qaadir representing Halal Zaabiha France, Sheikh Ali representing the grand mosque of Lyon, France, Mufti Mohammed Osman Darul Baseerah, Bradford, Sheikh Ahmed Farooq Raja and Raja Sehgal of Bradford Council for mosques.

It was stated that ' The Prophet [ Peace & blessings of Allah be upon him ] has said that when a person eats even one morsel of haram food then his ibaadah is not accepted for 40 days.

Our beloved prophet indicated in his sayings that Haram food makes our faith terminally damaged and our soul extremely weak.'

The dedicated Halal Heath Road Slaughterhouse has fundamentally changed Skegness forever with the ritual slaughter of animals quite obviously marking a shift from our traditional way of life to a point where these practices are totally alien to Lincolnshire Folk.

It is apparent that Lincolnshire County Council, East Lindsey District Council and Skegness Town Council do not have the foresight to imagine what damage this will cause to the perceived value of Skegness as a fantastic family orientated British holiday destination.

This will also impact on the resort as being one of the finest retirement choices in the United Kingdom. Residents are scared, confused and deeply troubled.

Driving back from Skegness through nearby villages where the Great Explorer Captain John Smith was born in 1759, whose efforts helped with the formation of The United States Of America, I had the feeling that historical Skegness has succumbed to the tide of unwelcome and uninvited change.

It is our duty as members of The British National Party to campaign relentlessly to highlight this appalling news story.

Now is the time for The British National Party to represent the views of the many in the town.

Our voice is the voice of dozens of well wishers contacting the Branch on a regular basis.

It is only right we try to preserve our identity and to show care for animals.

To help in 2013, write to: Lincolnshire Coastal Branch, PO Box 43, Alford, Lincolnshire, LN 13 3AH.

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