Skegness Latest: Mr Patel from Lincolnshire thanks Nick Griffin MEP

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 14:00
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From our Chief Lincolnshire Correspondent-The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch of The British National Party are dismayed along with Skegness residents to note that the management of the Skegness Heath Road Halal Abattoir have contacted The Skegness Standard to express their delight at alleged increased orders and demand for Halal meat.

Notwithstanding these comments published on The Skegness Standard website and shown below we can confirm that as a Party campaigning for the humane treatment of animals and the ban of the cruel practice of ritual halal slaughter it is acutely concerning that the site operators make no reference whatsoever to animal welfare in their comments.

There is no reference to any assurance of improved care following the party's previous website entries nor any denial merely an inappropriate, reckless, misleading and frankly foolish series of remarks with a Mr. Patel thanking Party Chairman and member of The European Parliament Nick Griffin .

The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch can exclusively reveal that by the operators own admission in their disjointed statement trade has indeed been lamentable.

It is also encouraging to note that no reference is made to local or regional customers confirming that the facility is not commercially successful.

This position will no doubt accelerate as The Food Standards Agency who are the primary regulatory body for this site have received a detailed official complaint encompassing photographic evidence procured from more than one source revolving around the dangerous storage of offal in open containers at the site.

Things appear to be getting far worse with an investigation to be taken to the potential for nuisance under The Environmental Protection Act 1990. Local staff referred to in Mr. Patel's statement are indeed equally unimpressed with no work being available and of course growing displeasure from local residents.

Nearly every individual who contacts the party locally states that the practice of Halal slaughter is morally unacceptable.

British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP is naturally also to be thanked for his call to demand an end to EU plans to slaughter seabirds and seals on the grounds of preserving fish stocks as over fishing by foreign industrial fleets is the real cause of the ecological disaster in Britain's traditional fishing waters.

Mr. Griffin is the only political party leader to visit the Heath Road site and in tandem attend at The Skegness Standard offices for a constructive interview.

Mr. Griffin also has roots in Lincolnshire with family history dating back to the 18th century and along with members, supporters and voters is well placed and correct to highlight the British National Party's wish to ban the barbaric practice of ritually slaughtered animals for halal and kosher meat.

In contrast have any comments been made by the operators or management of the Halal Slaughterhouse in Skegness with regard to animal welfare? How far back do Mr. Patel's roots go back in Lincolnshire? Why are there concerns regarding the operating standards at the site after only 1 month? And why are local Lincolnshire farmers and butchers approaching The British National Party to robustly support our Campaign?

The British National Party are responding to local concerns.

We are listening!

To participate and help with the party's Skegness Day of Action on Saturday 12 January call or text 0771 4009285.

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