Skegness Latest: Halal Abattoir Chaos - Crisis in Town as Iraqis Go Missing from Forced Closure House!

Wed, 06/02/2013 - 11:00
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From Our Lincolnshire Chief Correspondent-Events in Skegness where local people struggle to take in recent developments in the seaside resort continue to worsen with The British National Party receiving extremely strong support with contact from local people resulting in an influx of new members.

The Party can confirm that The Food Standards Agency have twice visited the Heath Road Halal Abattoir in tandem with visits from the Animal Health Division of Lincolnshire County Council.

The 2 agencies made a number of recommendations for the site encompassing the issuing of notices.

It is extremely concerning that in addition to these findings the aforementioned agencies will carry out further joint inspections this month as acute concerns exist in a parallel move with The Regulatory Services Department of East Lindsey District Council who are also to carry out periodic inspections.

The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch have received dozens of letters from members of the public complaining of the total lack of help, openness and clarity from local councillors who appear wholeheartedly to be ignoring residents concerns.

Indeed following an advertisement in The Skegness Standard telephone contact from locals has produced an invaluable insight into the acute yet simplistic concerns people hold.

A further worrying development was also reported in letter form to the local Branch but in a bizarre twist it was a previous occupier of a shared property who also contacted the local council which resulted in this shocking news item described below.

East Lindsey District Council have been forced to use emergency powers to close a Skegness House of multiple occupation last week with the serving of an Emergency Prohibition Order.

The house in question on Grosvenor Road in the resort was highlighted to the local Branch in several letters as a property occupied by up to a dozen individuals including several males of Asian descent.

East Lindsey District Council have closed the property [pictured above] due to the most serious issues including an absence of fire doors, inoperable fire doors, no fire alarms, unserviced fire extinguishers and up to 10 people using an unsatisfactory kitchen.

The unlicensed property was closed immediately and tenants re - housed within the town.

However males of Iraqi nationality who were residing at the property were not at the property during the forced closure and are presently untraceable, currently missing and are believed to be located somewhere in the resort.

In the content of many letters sent in to the Branch, Skegness is described as a [sic] ' Third World Country '. This view is perhaps perfectly illustrated with the crisis in the town concerning the plethora of potholes which claimed a female victim who suffered severe bruising in another accident reported in the local newspaper.

Moreover a Facebook page was set up titled Skegness Potholes as the roads in the town are in such a dreadful condition. A situation exists in the town where potholes are such an issue that this Party for the first time ever is receiving detailed correspondence from the public criticizing specific councillors as being lamentable.

A planned visit from Lincolnshire County Council Highways Division with local Town, District and County Councillor Ken Milner [Con] was unbelievably cancelled due to weather concerns. Despite consistent newspaper reporting the councillor in question was recently quoted in the newspaper as stating the role of the Council Repairs Division as ' if they don't know where the potholes are they can't come and repair them'.

One sender of a letter stated that Councillors must simply be ignoring the demise of the roads and are a disgrace.

Letters sent to us state that reporting of potholes on the Council website is impossible, District Council Councillors are oblivious to the severe problems and the Abattoir run by [sic] ' Fanatical intolerant cruel people ' is being condoned by councillors[sic] ' ruining Skegness '. In the content of these letters the writers are highlighting the closure of businesses, shops and hotels as being catastrophic and the silence over Halal Slaughter shameful.

Branch Organiser Robert Ashton confirmed that The British National Party will be holding a second and larger Day of Action mid March at the Heath Road Abattoir.

Enquirers should contact us on 07714009285.

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