Skegness Day of Action delivers Real Action!

Sat, 19/01/2013 - 14:00
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The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch of The British National Party have completed a ground-breaking weekend of activity on The Lincolnshire Coast with a successful Day of Action in Skegness, the showcase event delivering real action.

The Branch would firstly like to thank Lincolnshire Police for their assistance and co operation in facilitating in particular the visit to the abattoir ensuring warm relations between the popular Branch and the public continued.

Obviously there was no opposition whatsoever to the Party and dedicated officers ensured that by working with Lincolnshire Police the Branch delivered a varied series of pleasing events in and around the resort.

Indeed so popular was the Day of Action that on the Friday evening during pre - event leafleting the Branch received numerous complimentary remarks with 2 shop owners prominently displaying window notices publicising the Day of Action and The British National Party.

During a frenetic Saturday leafleting began early morning with a separate team concentrating solely on leafleting the historic village of Burgh-le-Marsh on the outskirts of Skegness where during last summer petitions were signed by residents objecting to the then proposed opening of the Heath Road Halal Slaughterhouse.

The Branch rolled out for the first time a new bespoke Skegness leaflet featured below which was extremely well received by residents prompting almost a dozen enquiries for information packs.

One recipient stated ...' last! '

The Coastal Branch invited for the first time a reporter from The Skegness Standard and members of The Coastal Lincolnshire Policing Team to the Meeting joining a further 45 members who were updated on developments with The Halal Slaughterhouse.

A small team carried out leafleting as an open and lively meeting dealt with the challenging issue Skegness faces concerning this universally unpopular addition to the town.

The British National Party were the first political party to walk from the Meeting venue to the Heath Road Abattoir for a site visit with 30 attendees witnessing first hand the dreadful and disturbing site of pools of blood present on the footpath several metres from the site boundary of the Abattoir.

The photograph shown clearly illustrates the concerns of frightened residents who not only are contacting the local council but are now alerting The British National Party to their findings.

We again were the first to show our opposition to the Abattoir with a Site Visit Photograph and following a Party report to the Local Authority within 60 minutes members of The Environmental Health Department of the Council attended to clean and disinfect the contaminated footpaths.

Real action on our Day of Action.

The Party also made representations regarding blood being visible from loading bay entrances once again raising the issue of site management.This was once again captured in photographic form.

At the Meeting venue the main raffle prize of a bottle of Champagne was won by a Life Member and leaflets and copies of Voice of Freedom were despatched to enquirers from a flash leaflet drop adjacent to Morrisons ensuring the Party received prominent exposure from sensible, responsible and creative campaigning.

Within 1 hour the Party visit to the abattoir was featured on The Skegness Standard website with a story following the shared visit to the site where the Branch made available to the newspaper full access to the branch members.

An additional aspect of the Coastal Campaigning was further north on the Lincolnshire Coast where an additional 6 strong team concentrated in the afternoon on leafleting Butchers, Grocery Stores and Meat Wholesalers in the resort of Cleethorpes using the acclaimed Party Halal leaflets.

This was in direct response to recent letters received at the local PO Box highlighting the growth of restaurants and take aways using halal meat in the resort and the demise of traditional Fish & Chips in the town which is causing extreme concern with some business owners.

Branch Organiser Robert Ashton stated that in tandem with the Party's recent campaign to highlight the issue of Wind Factory Farms on the Lincolnshire Coast the barbaric practice of Halal Slaughter is being responsibly highlighted by the Branch.

He stated that The British National Party have taken the lead with the Skegness Abattoir and are campaigning correctly and are receiving very supportive feedback from the public.

Over the coming weeks the Heath Road Abattoir will receive an extraordinary level of coverage with The British National Party being seen as the only political party to campaign most effectively supporting the people of Lincolnshire when others have simply failed them.

Why not help the branch purchase further leaflets?

Write to: Lincolnshire Coastal, PO Box 43, Alford, Lincolnshire, LN13 3AH

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