Shocking Truth of Wind Turbine Scandal on Lincolnshire Coast

Mon, 14/01/2013 - 06:00
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From Our Chief Lincolnshire Correspondent

Throughout the latter half of 2012 The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch have recognised that the Coastal strip is under imminent threat from an onshore Wind Turbine invasion set to ravage the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside.

Now in 2013 following an exhaustive discussion period with members of the public and party activists their campaign mirroring the loathing of Wind Factory Farms is officially launched.

Indeed in a survey of the local membership 92% would insist on an end to all further wind farms and during the photograph session which produced the image shown with this report 9 members of the public came forward to express their satisfaction that we are campaigning on this issue!

So shocking were the Branch findings it was decided this report would be presented now to capture the goodwill the local party is receiving regarding its praised direct stance.

Lincolnshire is planned to be The Wind Turbine County with 115 turbines mostly higher than St.Pauls Cathedral applied for. In addition 84 have been built with an additional 41 given planning permission. In East Lindsey 42 are in operation with a minimum of a staggering 65 in planning.

These figures seem shocking but not as shocking as David Cameron's father-in-law Sir Reginald Sheffield pocketing £350,000 per year for a publicly subsidised wind farm comprising 400ft turbines on his 3000 acre Normandby Park Estate near Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire.

David Cameron is central in this Conservative CON industry for the innumerate large landowners ignoring the fact that turbines are expensive to run, offer little return, kill, slice & dice migratory birds and bats and damage forever the environment.

Remember it was Cameron who could not even facilitate correctly his own wind turbine installation at his West London residence in 2007 when contractors incorrectly fitted it to a boundary wall and not his chimney! But coincidentally, in his own constituency in Oxfordshire turbines are virtually non existent!

His first Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change Chris 'Speeding ticket ' Huhne resigned in February 2012 due to his prosecution for the perversion of the course of justice.

Swiftly replaced by the hapless and inept Ed Davey whose only personal experience of work was in a Pork Pie Factory and in 2009 declared that' it was time for tea with the Taliban' it is now clear he is also culpable for the forthcoming Wind Turbine disaster.

Davey has delivered an additional £38 increase to bills during 2013 rising to a further increase of £53 per year in 2016 -17 and in Doha last year he agreed to the pledge of £2 billion up to 2015 towards schemes like building solar panels in Africa.

Of course the writing was on the wall for Lincolnshire when Davey stated in Sept 2012 that he had ' no time for the sceptics who say we can't afford green investment ' followed by his Oct 2012 statement of ' There has been no change to Government Policy on renewable energy as collectively agreed by the coalition. '

The Lib CON recent shift to allow debates in parliament and to foster dialogue by local authorities such as East Lindsey District Council will of course result in no change. Planning simply goes ahead as changes to the height of turbines by developers and the types of interconnecting pylons are simply modified. Official Council Policy is merely an aspiration that is taken into consideration and then ignored.

The Conservative CON is further strengthened with the Chairman of The Energy & Climate Change Select Committee Tim Yeo MP who openly stated ' Onshore Wind is a quick and fairly easy win '.

Yeo is of course a winner as he sits on the board of Univent PLC, is Chairman of TMO Renewables who specialize in green waste management and is a Director of ITI Energy Ltd who specialise in the sphere of gasification.

However, the piece de resistance must be Miriam Clegg, wife of Deputy PM Nick Clegg who in 2010 joined the board of Acciona as an independent advisor to this firm who, wait for it, are the world's largest provider of wind farms.

In Lincolnshire, Sir Peter Tapsell, CONservative MP for Louth & Horncastle has latterly joined the ' Debate ' circle despite campaigning in 2010 under the Conservative Renewable Energy banner.

Sir Peter has failed to effectively raise this issue in parliament, demonstrated he was no friend to the countryside by voting against The Hunting Ban, shown he cares little for the environment by voting against The Smoking Ban and now cites his concern for fuel poverty in his constituency due to utility bill increases.

Why therefore did he vote for the cap on benefits in recent weeks ?

Added to this when constituents wrote to Sir Peter to express their deep concern at the opening of the Skegness Halal Abattoir during the summer months he forwarded identical replies stating he was ' on a walking holiday in Switzerland '.

Hardly the actions of an MP striving to maintain Lincolnshire as traditionally British.

In Lincolnshire it has been concluded that Wind Turbines are the environmental equivalent of the Lib CON Coalition as they are all a waste of space.

Only The British National Party will bring to an end to the destruction of the Countryside by the Wind Turbine Industry, only the British National Party will prevent the building of mosques and only The British National Party will introduce the banning of ritual slaughter in Lincolnshire.

Your help is needed to Campaign on this issue - our refreshing straight forward policies are liked!

Write to us at: Lincolnshire Coastal, PO Box 43, Alford, Lincolnshire, LN13 3AH

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