The Second Bite Is Harder In Salford.

Thu, 13/06/2013 - 15:00
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It is a double whammy in Salford for some people, as the “bedroom tax” kicks in, quickly following the Council Tax benefit reform.

These changes will hit the unemployed, the disabled, OAPs, single-parent families; and even people who are employed full time yet who only earn enough to get by.

A Freedom of Information disclosure reveals the true extent of how hard this will hit local people. A full constituency ward breakdown can be found below.

Broughton 2,112
Langworthy 1,961
Little Hulton 1,778
Barton 1,419
Irwell Riverside 1,389
Winton 1,229
Walkden North 1,220
Ordsall 1,219
Kersal 1,068
Pendlebury 1,032
Weaste and Seedley 921
Swinton North 855
Eccles 808
Swinton South 699
Cadishead 679
Irlam 620
Walkden South 415
Claremont 313
Boothstown and Ellenbrook 185
Worsley 95

Of the 20,017 of Salford people affected by these changes, 16,139 are in “band A.”

A lot of people in Salford depend on this benefit - take, for instance, residents who live on their own in full or part time employment.

They can currently ask for a single person’s Council Tax reduction and have 25% of their Council Tax deducted. Under the current scheme, those in band A would contribute around £250 towards their Council Tax bill.

As part of the reform, people can no longer claim this and are now expected to pay the full Council Tax or face jail or even have the local authority hacking into their wages to recover the money owed.

If you are unemployed, things go from bad to worse, and you are expected to pay around £80 a month or the same punishment applies - face jail or have the money deducted from your benefits.

Additionally, some of these residents affected will also be hit by the “bedroom tax” – see the earlier report produced by Salford British National Party about the “bedroom tax” and just who is affected (Click link)

You can see that the top wards in this report are almost the same, for example Langworthy, 800 affected by “bedroom tax, 1,961 affected by Council Tax benefit reform. And so the list goes on.

A Salford British National Party spokesman said “It’s shocking, how are people expected to live? Labour are kicking the Salfordians and getting away with it, it’s time to revolt, it’s time to just think about who you vote for, Labour are no good for Salford, get rid of them.

“Salford British National Party are against the cuts and would like to hear your views on this matter, we would like you to join the resistance by removing Labour, and if you care for your city then you will take this option, to get involved.”

“Do not let Labour blame the Tories, it is Labour who have been the core root of the problem, it’s their fault, they created the monster that is in power today. Labour need to be held accountable for their actions which led to this mess.”

“Whatever your political afflictions it does not matter, the enemy is the same, we have one thing in common, LABOUR OUT.

So contact Salford British National Party, before it is too late.”

email or write to BNP PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

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