Scottish Unemployment goes up again

Mon, 19/11/2012 - 06:00
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By Northenscot- It would appear that the London government polices to cut the budget deficit is creating more unemployment misery in Scotland.

Another 4,000 Scots are now signing on, just before the Christmas period and thus bringing financial challenges to families and individuals before the season of goodwill.

The total number of jobless in Scotland now sits at 218,000 being 8.1%, bringing back the Spectre of the Thatcher years, thou this time under the Leadership of Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Danny Alexander the Scottish Lib Dem MP who is part of the Treasury team.

Mr Alexander recently had photos taken at the launch of Cairngorm Breweries new beer called “ginger rodent.”

Last year Mr Alexander was called such by a certain MP in Parliament. Whilst this was a nice little photo shoot for Mr Alexander, 218,000 Scots will struggle to sample this beverage, due to his government’s savage austerity measures.

The actual number of people in work in Scotland has gone down by 27,000 and now stands at 2,472,000, statistics show. Those claiming job seekers allowance has gone up by only 100 to 140,700, meaning many unemployed Scots don’t even qualify for JSA financial help during their unemployment.

David Mundell the Tory Scottish Office Minister (being the only Tory MP in Scotland) said, “The fact the Scottish unemployment rate is also higher than the rest of the country shows why Scotland’s two governments need to work together for the benefit of Scotland.”

Sounds nice and positive doesn’t it, yet Mr Mundell fails to see that his governments fast cutting of expenditure is actual creating part of the unemployment in Scotland.

The cuts have hit deep into Scotland and thus spending has dropped in the High Streets up and down our country. If people lose their job they cannot spend.

If people are frightened about their future, then they spend less. We only have to walk into our town centres to see the empty shops popping up.

Empty shops mean less work, less purchasing from wholesalers or manufactures. Thus the jobless figures rise.

The London government’s attitude to the welfare system has been so savage, that fear now stalks many workers in case they become unemployed, so they in turn spend less.

Yesterday government officials blamed the rise of inflation from 2.2% to 2.7% mainly on the increase in tuition charges in England. We wonder what they will blame the next figures on.

Of course in the UK we do have a large spending deficit, but Chancellor George Osborne is actually borrowing more.

His policies are not stimulating the confidence and growth that is need to bring Britain back into the black over time.

Fast and savage cuts in desperation to clear the deficit in a short period are simply not working.

It is time Cameron removed Osborne as Chancellor.

But he won’t will he!

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