Northern Ireland Health Service Feels The Pain.

Wed, 21/11/2012 - 15:00
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The revelation that 5.7 million pounds have been thrown away on translation and interpretation in Northern Ireland’s health service in the last three years comes as no surprise to us in the British National Party.

Nonetheless, when one considers that Northern Ireland has a population of a mere 1.8 million, although we have the fastest growing population in the UK due to mass uncontrolled immigration, this is indeed shocking.

Apparently we cater for 36 different minority languages with Polish, Lithuanian and Portuguese among the most common.

There are 354 interpreters working for Northern Ireland’s five health trusts.

John Dallat (pictured), of the SDLP described the figures as alarming and need urgent reassessment.

The SDLP (Social Democratic and Labour Party) , along with the other establishment parties, are flag wavers for the suicidal “open door” immigration and bogus asylum policies being inflicted on the British people.

No surprise there as the “Mother ship” Labour Party, under the Blair creature, instigated this national self destruction.

Far from criticising replacing the indigenous people of Northern Ireland via immigration, Mr Dallat could only bring himself to say “The department needs to ensure it is getting best value for money.

While the trusts must ensure people are not disadvantaged due to language, care should be taken to explore the voluntary and community sector for volunteers who will do this work without charge”

Mr Dallat is clearly delusional if he thinks interpreters are going to jump off the immigration “gravy train” and do this work free of charge!  

Mr Dallat, like his fellow members of the Assembly, is of course ignoring the “Elephant in the room”, of mass immigration and bogus asylum that is bleeding the NHS dry.

It is virtually impossible to put a cost on the effects of flooding our country with foreign nationals. However we get some idea of their impact when we consider that the NHS spends £23 million per annum on translation and interpretation across the UK.

Last year it was revealed that the Ministry for Justice, over a 6 year period, spent more than £100 million on translation, and police forces across the UK £82 million over a 3 year period on translation and interpretation for migrant criminals.

All this is happening while waiting lists grow, standards of care continue to decline and people suffer through crime due to lack of police resources.

We in the British National Party are not afraid to highlight these truths and increasingly the people of Northern Ireland are realising that we are right.

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