National Tour reaches South East

Tue, 12/02/2013 - 20:30
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The first part of the SE Tour for our Chairman Nick Griffin MEP was a select Luncheon just outside Chichester which was arranged by Cllr John Robinson of the Bognor Regis Branch and Deputy South East Regional Organiser.

The pub, whose Landlord although not a member of the Party, is a supporter and friend of John, had shut his hostelry down for the day and was holding a ‘lock down’ for Nick and other British National Party members, activists and supporters, their friends and families who had been invited.

The food was above excellent, featuring local game, locally caught fish and seasonal vegetables. Nick settled down to a wonderful looking chicken dish which looked cooked to perfection.

It was good to meet and greet local people and get back to the grass roots of politics in this region, which has suffered from a lot of neglect in the previous couple of years.

The local beer was very popular and the event, although by personal invitation only, was very well attended. Thanks was given to the host and his wife who had thrown open their business to us Nationalists and this pub is on Nick’s list for a future well deserved break for him and Jackie.

Then the Tour, after an afternoon of eating and relaxation, moved to Woking in Surrey for the evening Meeting. This was held in an upstairs room of a Public House and this proved very well attended with around 40 people – who packed the room out.

This meeting was organised by Nigel Christopher, our Organiser in Guildford & Woking - who also filmed the meeting. Nick gave a stirring talk on the realities of living in the UK today and what we, as activists and regular members of this Party, can do to expand the nationalist influence within our local communities and develop a method to actually help the homeless, the elderly and poor families with young children – who are struggling to feed themselves.

At the end of the meeting, there was a formal handover by Lynne Mozar – who had accepted the role of Acting SERO last year – to Cllr John Robinson – who will be Acting SERO until a few more groups are re-formed in that region whereupon he will be confirmed as South East Regional Organiser.

The handover was presided over by Nick Griffin, who stressed that Lynne was handing over the SE region in a much better state than she inherited it and wished John well in the future. Lynne will retain the role of SE Regional Secretary for the time being and will still oversee the SW region as Acting SWRO – until that region is in a position to elect their Regional Organiser.

It was also stressed that this was the way to do things with proper handovers and not simply vanishing into the woodwork. Alwyn Deacon was on hand with the Constitution to make sure rules were being observed.

Alwyn also gave a very useful and informative talk on the forthcoming Council Elections, the facts and myths and the need and reasons for Postal Ballots. Almost half the attendees filled in their Postal Ballot forms on the night.

A large collection was made which has already been paid in to help Surrey with the elections.
Nigel also laid on some lovely buffet food at his own expense, which vanished pretty quickly and the bar downstairs was kept busy!

David Abbott, the author of Dark Albion, a Requiem for the English – had provided copies of his book free to the attendees – and many took copies and donated monies to the cause for them.

At the close of the meeting, Nigel thanked Nick for attending and we all thanked Nigel for his good organisational skills and we look forward to his next meeting.

All in all, it was a very good day that demonstrated the SE is moving forward. We may have been wounded in recent years but we are now recovering rather nicely, thanks to the work of activists such as Nigel and John and many others.

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