Mr Patel from Skegness v Mr Patel from Grimsby

Fri, 08/03/2013 - 14:00
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From Our Chief Lincolnshire Correspondent

The Heath Road Halal Slaughterhouse in Skegness has become the lead story in recent months with The British National Party reaping the rewards following an excellent newspaper advertisement in The Skegness Standard which this week announced to its readers the forthcoming Day Of Action to be held on Saturday 16 March in the resort.

The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch are to host The Truth Truck in the town for the first time with strong support from locals which has proved to be a consistent theme over the winter months.

It is anticipated this second protest will add more support. Readers of this report are urged to make the trip to Skegness.

Readers will recall in early January a Mr. Patel on behalf of Premier Halal Meats in Skegness had commented to The Skegness Standard that Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP was responsible for an alleged increase in trade due to his site visit and subsequent strong campaigning in the town.

This statement from a Mr. Patel from Skegness seems very inappropriate as the Halal Slaughterhouse has been experiencing poor trading figures, operational difficulties and matters generally have not notably improved.

The protest planned by The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch on Saturday 16 March will again remind Mr. Patel that significant and strong support prevails for the banning of religious ritual slaughtered meat, in particular in Skegness.

Moreover, just when Lincolnshire seemed to have one infamous Mr. Patel another has emerged along the coast in Grimsby to steal the limelight and to challenge Mr Patel from Skegness on the very day Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge visited the seaport.

This Mr Patel from Grimsby has appeared before Humberside Police and NE Lincolnshire Council's Sub Licensing Committee after repeatedly selling huge volumes of alcohol to under age children from his outlet co incidentally also named Premier Extra [pictured] in Wellington Street in the town.

Only in January Bhupendra Patel racked up court bills of £1,200 after selling pasta and cheese an incredible 33 days past its use by date.

Incredibly this Mr Patel had previously in 2007 sold out of date Gammon and fresh meat products and since then had had several other cautions for food related matters.

There had been over 40 complaints made regarding the management of the outlet in 6 months.

Humberside Police Licensing Officer Ken Stone even stated that the store was contributing to horrendous and acute anti social behaviour in the area, a matter relayed to British National Party leafleting teams by incandescent residents over many months. The streets had become a 'no go ' area.

However, Chair of the Committee Labour Councillor Ray Oxby decided not to withdraw the licence to sell alcohol from Mr. Patel as it was felt it was not appropriate to carry out such action despite Mr Patel being a persistent offender.

Locals are angry, anti social behaviour blights the area and the Labour run local council has failed residents again.

We are calling on all supporters and members regionally and in particular along the Lincolnshire Coast to attend from 11.30 am on Saturday 16 March opposite The Heath Road Abattoir, Heath Road, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 3ST where The Truth truck will be the focal point for a protest, the hub for leafleting teams and the centre piece of a structured Day Of Action in the town.

Let us show Mr. Patel that the British National Party are determined to stop animal cruelty and the barbaric practice of ritual slaughter.

We also call for outlets that flaunt laws revolving around the sale of alcohol and food safety matters to be closed down - quickly.

Call 0771 4009285 for confirmation details of The Skegness Day of Action.

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