Money, UKIP, Corrupt Labour versus the BNP in South Shields By-election

Tue, 21/05/2013 - 19:00
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 By Chris Thornton-First of all let me thank our brave candidate Lady Dorothy Brooke and the hard working members of the South Tyneside Branch. Dorothy managed to get 711 votes, doubling the Lib-Dems.

UKIP hired a shop in the town centre costing £17k and flooded the election with money. They also hired the Armstrong Hall for questions and answers with the public, only to find their candidate Mr Elvin had stage fright and could not speak, which is probably for the best.

Dorothy was also up against Labour and The Shields Gazette, AKA The Labour Gazette, which started a hate campaign against her and our party just before the by- election.

The Labour Gazette gets its name because it is understood that the Labour Council spend over £100k of tax payers money on council advertising in return for around five articles per night promoting their party.

The editor John Szymanski and the council leader Iain Malcolm are good friends.
The Labour Gazette claimed we had an “offending” leaflet that went out.

The leaflet explained that Muslims and paedophiles will be excused from paying the bedroom tax because Muslims can claim that their spare room is used as a pray room.

Also paedophiles cannot rent their spare room out due to their sick pastimes. The Labour Gazette writer Paul Myles Kelly (known and criticised for is Labour bias stories, Google MR MONKEY) contacted several Muslim takeaway owners.

He then stood them in a line looking angry, with their arms folded and put them on the front and 5th page of the Labour Gazette. The headline on page 1 was “Horrible BNP flyers blasted”. Mr Adim stated “the first curry house Anglo Asia opened on Ocean Road in 1958 and as grown through hard work to what it is today.”

Today every shop bar two traditional chippies are foreign takeaways and the road is now known locally as Asian Road.
I ask you what will it be like in another fifty years time?

I am a worried man, I have three little girls and I have seen what happens in towns across the country with large Muslim communities.

Takeaways are fundamentally the starting point for Muslim grooming gangs. That is a well documented fact it is not racist to worry for your children’s safety.

However our concerns do not seem important and anyone who dares to voice their concerns would have their words twisted round by the Labour Gazette to say we are picking on the poor Muslims again.

On page 5 was a picture of several Muslim woman outside the Apnar Ghar centre for ethnic women and below a picture of Dorothy. They were upset and hurt that our leaflet stated the council gave the centre £16k of tax payer’s money because they did not like going to the job centre like normal citizens.

They believe Dorothy and the party are racist for pointing that out and the figure was nearer £11k. The paper goes on to say “The Muslim community in South Tyneside is outraged by racist by-election pamphlets” WHAT IS RACISTS ABOUT OUR LEAFLETS? ABSOLUTLY NOTHING.

The Labour Gazette claims that the centre also employs indigenous women which help integrations. This is true, these women are hired at the taxpayer’s expense to teach English and IT, however the ethnic women’s centre is in itself racists because they would not allow a white indigenous centre and give it taxpayers funding. It does not create integration but diversion.

Muslim women should use the job centre like anyone other women and not be giving privileges. Write an article on that Mr Kelly.
The Labour Gazette is guilty of trying to stir up racial hatred in order to claim votes for its party.

Our candidate Lady Dorothy Brooke has worked her whole life in nursing and helps with homeless people in her community. The fact is Dorothy is a very caring, kind hearted person and they simply could not throw any mud her way so they printed this and worse.

Mr Kelly started a nasty campaign on Twitter mocking her make-up. Dorothy loved the sun and used sun-beds but got skin cancer. Like thousands of woman she uses false tan make-up, “HEADLINES SHOCK HORROR “woman wearing make-up, “Dorothy is squeaky clean unlike the Labour South Tyneside council constantly in the national media on corruption scandals.

I do however understand Mr Kelly is an expert on women’s make-up but sadly not on telling the truth.

Finally the anti-BNP pro-Labour Royal Mail, according to a supporter of our party working for them noticed that the BNP leaflets arrived first but Royal Mail decided to deliver them last. I am a postal voter in South Shields. Royal Mail delivered my postal vote (surprise surprise) on the same day as they delivered the Labour campaign leaflet.

It was two days before the other parties leaflets started to arrive. Ours was of cause the last one, does anyone smell a rat?
I believe Dorothy did fantastic with all that was thrown at her and our party.

It would have been interesting to see how well she would of done if the true democratic process had been followed, but sadly Labour with its dirty tricks are incapable of that.

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