Maldon Group in the news again!

Tue, 27/11/2012 - 15:00
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The Maldon group are constantly keeping an eye on proposed housing Developments in their area!

This to make sure that only sustainable and locally needed Developments are granted planning permission, this area is under increasing threat as they are in fairly close proximity to ever expanding London.

Surprisingly Essex is actually made up of 72% rural communities so the multiculturalists and their Developer friends who want to fill this Country with immigrants from the third world have their eyes set on Essex, future Nationalist battles will be hard fought here in Essex.

Below is the Article from the Maldon Standard dated the 24th November 2012.

This Development was turned down by the Parish Council the District Council and was recommended for refusal by the planning department but these rural communities are at the mercy or the Planning Inspectorate, yes you’ve guessed it a “Government Quango.”

Our Activists and Councillors in this area have worked hard to uncover the facts about this Company who wants to build a village with 146 homes within a small rural village of 65 homes mentioned in the Doomsday book.

Statement by Cllr Richard Perry
I would like to bring to everyone’s attention the conduct of the CML organisation and their partners with this application, first of all this application was presented to us residents at Langford Village Hall early January this year it was billed as a consultation process, however one of the CML spokespersons butted in to any resident who spoke leaving us feeling that this was not in any way shape or form a real consultation process, but a paper exercise.

The subsequent face to face meeting with Councillors/steering group and representatives from the CML Corporation at the Mill house Hotel on March 16th was equally disappointing with CML bleating about building factories on the site as if would upset us, however I told them that we were very happy with much needed jobs and employment on that site, and in any case it would produce less traffic movements than 146 homes on an already congested road.

The application was then hastily put in with the express purpose of wrong footing Maldon District Council, as for reasons best known to them selves they have no Local Development Plan in place leaving us residents, voters and tax payers exposed to the likes of CML and the greedy investment banks or “banksters” that own them.

At a further public meeting at Langford Village Hall with Local villagers Councillors and Planning Officers a show of hands also revealed that 30 of the 50 villagers present hadn’t received any consultation notification from CML, is that pure incompetence or deliberate? I have my view.

CML also spun us the story that this development is needed to safe guard jobs on the site as the business was experiencing hard times.

It sounds plausible doesn’t it? Well after looking through their accounts for 4 years I can see that they are siphoning off approximately 3 quarters of a million pounds per annum for 8 directors pension contributions, as times are hard for them may I suggest that we all have a whip round to help out?

Finally I drive past CML every day on that busy road and often wonder what CML stands for? Well now we all know what it stands for!


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