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Thu, 20/12/2012 - 21:00
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By Paul Borg, Newham Contact- A double booking of the venue for the Question Time for Patriots was a minor set back for the panellists and audience as an alternative venue was quickly found and the QT put in place.

Arriving at the original venue in good time for the first London Question Time for Patriots session, we were informed that the hall had been double booked and a children’s Christmas was about to get underway.

Undeterred another venue was arranged and panellists and audience members packed cars for the 50-minute drive.

On arrival a top table and seating was organised and while the film crew set themselves up the smartly dressed audience members took to the bar for a pre-show drink.

The panel consisted of Councillor Richard Perry, chairman, London Regional organiser Steve Squire, London Regional secretary Donna Treanor, West London organiser Dave Furness and Young BNP representative Sam Mayhew, who stood in when another panellist was unable to make the journey.

The audience included some prominent Party members such as Mike Jones of West London, John Phillips from East London, Councillor Tina Gentry of Maldon and newly appointed Young BNP East London organiser Kevin Layzell.

The first question taken was on the subject of mass immigration and if the present coalition government would ever tackle the problem. Each panel member agreed that it would not.

Donna Treanor answered first and said “successive governments have signed us over to the EU who control our borders.

This is treason and in a few decades the British people will become a minority in their own historical homeland. This is genocide”
Donna then proceeded to read the International Law on genocide which made it clear to everyone that that is what’s happening to us now and then ended by quoting George Orwell saying “in times of universal deceit, the truth becomes a revolutionary act”
Dave Furness added that “as members of the European Union we are powerless to act . We are not in control of our own borders. The politicians are liars who claim that at each election they will do something about immigration but never do”

Steve Squire commented that “we were never asked if we wanted immigration. The politicians have never included on any of their election manifestoes that they are going to have a programme of mass-immigration otherwise no one would vote for them”
Sam Mayhew said “governments say that they are going to tackle immigration to win more votes. It’s simply election propaganda”

The next question was on the subject of building on the greenbelt. Steve Squire answered “if they build on the greenbelt, who is going to buy the houses?

Are they going to give loans to people who can’t afford to pay for them so that the banks collapse in debt again? It’s a recurring nightmare. We have a shortage of houses for people who don’t have any money”

Donna’s answer was “in 2010 the Tories said that they were the greenest government ever. Fast forward to today and they are going to build on greenbelt to accommodate the surplus to requirements of the population.

The building programme won’t be beneficial to the economy because the jobs will go to Eastern Europeans who send the money back to their various homelands instead of putting it back into our economy”

Dave said that “building more houses on the greenbelt will encourage more immigration. The answer is not to be build more and more houses but to stop immigration” and Sam added “it’s absolute outrage that they’re building on the greenbelt land. But who will live in these houses?

The overspill from London which will seriously change the demographics of any area and bring with it the anti-social problems that London has”

When asked if we should get out of the European Union the panel agreed that we should. Donna said “yes, we should. We would be able to withdraw from Afghanistan saving billions of pounds and get rid of quangoes that cost the taxpayer millions. We could rebuild industry and create jobs for British people.

Under Labour 80% foreign nationals got jobs. We need to secure jobs for our own people so that money stays in the economy”
Dave’s answer was that “the first step was to get out of the EU and secondly to bail out Britain not the banks. Stop deindustrialisation, wasting money on foreign aid the EU and other projects”

Steve ended by saying “we should not be giving £60m to the EU everyday. Is it sound business sense to pay £3 and only get £1 back? It’s a spent force anyway”

Can we win in the European elections? was first answered by Sam who said that “the Party is definitely in a position to win after the problems we’ve had in recent years” and Steve added “it would be interesting to see if UKIP stand against the Tories and they don’t do a deal.

We find ourselves doing very well off the backs of UKIP. No matter how much publicity UKIP get the British National Party is never far behind and for a lot less money therefore better value”

Dave said “we will do well if we get our message out there. UKIP is a one trick pony. They are basically Tories and I think we can beat them”

Donna stressed that “the Euro elections is a much fairer system using the proportional representation, that’s the reason why we got two MEP’s elected last time”

Should we attack Iran? was answered by all as a firm no Steve saying that “they are not threatening us and it’s a waste of our resources”

Chairman Richard Perry then wrapped up the proceedings to much warm applause.

Said Richard “there were some excellent answers given by the panel that was not crammed with left-wing multi-culturalist who pander to the ethnic minorities. This was the real deal”

The Eastern Region organised a three-course meal that raised £200 towards their election fund.

A first for the London Region but on the evidence it won’t be the last.

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