Lincolnshire Coastal Halal Abattoir Day of Action: Saturday 16 March

Mon, 25/02/2013 - 17:00
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The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch have announced a second and more heavily trailed Halal Abattoir Protest and Day of Action in Skegness on Saturday 16 March with a start time of 12 noon.

The Party has received significant solid support with ground breaking newspaper advertising, targeted leafleting and supportive press reporting with 2 small tabletop events [one pictured] which were a precursor to a showcase Day of Action coming on Saturday 16 March.

The Coastal Branch will be rolling out the second phase of this structured campaign with the appearance of the Truth Truck at The Day of Action which will be visiting the Heath Road Industrial Estate in Skegness bringing the Party's determination to highlight the barbaric practice of Halal Slaughter to residents who appear to be very receptive to our clear message.

Animal welfare should be at the cornerstone of meat production and twinned with the acute concerns the public rightly have regarding the integrity of meat products the British National Party have a record of achievement when it comes to the call for the banning of religiously slaughtered meat.

Branch & Group Organiser Robert Ashton stated that the Party was announcing this event early to allow contributors to this site, supporters & members and donors within a 80 mile radius to make arrangements to support the party cause for the immediate banning of ritually slaughtered meat by attending at this event.

It is clearly apparent that massive support exists for the banning of halal meat so all interested parties are invited to the resort for this Day of Action.

Attendance at this protest is advised for all activists due to its relevance in that complaints concerning the site from locals are continuing. There is tremendous interest in the Halal Meat issue with the British National Party entering the arena at the very outset taking a very prominent role.

The Party deserves and wants your participation! Road and Rail links to Skegness are excellent and rooms within Guest Houses in one of the East Coast's largest resorts available at reduced rates with very good availability.

The start time of 12 noon agreed with Lincolnshire Police permits many to travel to Skegness to help us build a better future for all - especially when it comes to opposing religious halal ritual slaughter.

A team of leafleters will be tasked to distribute the latest publicity material on the day and there is something for everyone so to obtain additional details call or text 0771 4009285.

The performance and effectiveness of The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch is impressive - why not come over to find out if Skegness is not just 'Bracing ' but is with the British National Party in our quest to end Halal Slaughter with immediate effect!

Correspond with the team at: Lincolnshire Coastal, PO Box 43, Alford, Lincolnshire, LN 13 3AH.

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