Continuous BNP Activism in Croydon & Sutton

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 06:00
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By South London Sub Regional Organiser – Mike Jones.
The loyal activists of Croydon & Sutton British National Party have been very busy as usual, with their continuous campaign on the streets and doorsteps.

The branch had a meeting in Croydon recently that was chaired by local organiser John Clarke, who gave the members a detailed round up of branch news and information on planned activities and party events.
London regional secretary Donna Treanor spoke about the BNP demonstration outside the BBC building in central London.

The protest took place over the alleged cover up of the paedophile ring on their premises.

A local supporter Peter, who has been attending Croydon & Sutton BNP meetings for around four years now, then stood up and said that he’d attended various other (non BNP) party political meetings but he’d never met a nicer group of people than the Croydon & Sutton BNP branch, and that he would be leaving the party a legacy in his will.
Parliamentary candidate Cliff Le May gave us a well researched book review on the ‘Four Flags.’

He encouraged members to purchase the book, which he explained was a vital tool in defeating the Liberal Left propaganda machine that denies that the British are indigenous peoples.

Within a few minutes several copies of the book were snapped up by the audience.

After the break and raffle draw the meeting resumed with guest speaker and South East regional press officer Tim Rait.

As ever Tim was his usual articulate self, giving an insight of his dealings with the press and media outlets.
He went onto tell how 73 year old Margaret Walker had been given an ASBO and costs of £5,000 for daring to write to politicians about the murder of Charlene Downes.

Hard working activist Dave Clarke has been doing his regular door to door Voice of Freedom paper-round in key wards that also doubles up as a canvassing session.

The usual leafleting sessions have been taking place in several target wards, and the branch also saw a team visit Sutton High Street with their table top stall recently.

John Clarke gave us this update “We had a very good day in Sutton High Street. Protect our Children against Muslim paedophile grooming was the issue and the public were very receptive to our message of hope.

We handed out hundreds of leaflets and sold dozens of Voice of Freedom papers. We will be back in the High Street with our stall very soon”.

Croydon & Sutton along with several other south London groups and branches hold regular meetings and socials, such as the London regional Christmas social that took place in south London back in December.

If you would like to attend one of these gatherings please contact Mike on 07908 649 362 or email where you’ll be sure to meet a friendly, like minded group of patriots.

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