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Sat, 13/10/2012 - 13:00
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By Chris Thornton, South Tyneside British National Party-I live in a mainly British indigenous Christian town so you can imagine my surprise when a party member informed me that Muslims have been given permission by the Labour council to set up a huge Islamic teaching stall in our new local library.

I decided to go and see for myself and was sickened to find a class full of 12 year old indigenous children being taught half truths and lies about Islam by two leftie teachers and three Muslim women.

The penny then dropped and I now believe it is the Labour council’s intention to promote Islam in all our schools. My worrying question is why?

It is well documented the 54 year old prophet Mohammed married a 6 year old girl.

It’s a sickening thought being a father of 3 little girls. Is this the reason why there are so many Muslim paedophile gangs?

Muslims also mutilate young girls to forbid them to enjoy sex whilst also killing or beating their own daughters in honour killings for not wanting to marry cousins or strangers in order to bring them into Britain.

Is the beauty of Islam really what our Labour council should be teaching our children? In many towns that Muslims have taken over, our children have been raped, stabbed and murdered and I will do everything possible not allow any of my children to be put in this danger.

I decided to go into the library to confront one of the Muslim women and ask her a few questions on camera. We talked about the prophet Mohammed and she admitted she thought it right for a 54 year old man to have a six year old wife, well it maybe in their book but isn’t in my book.

Her English wasn’t great so I asked her if she fled her Islamic country of origin to have a free life here and she said “Yes“. I asked if she liked our free country and she said with a big smile “Yes.”

I then asked if she fled a cruel Islamic country to be free, why would she want the free country she has fled to, to become Islamic. At that point her English understanding went and she could not understand me anymore.

So there you have it.

If people came to our country and respected our laws, religion and culture and integrated into our society it wouldn’t be a problem, but the soft approach from Lab/Lib/Con means they don’t have to, and with their help will continue to take over our towns.

If you don’t want that to happen in your town then fight for your rights now before it’s too late and vote, become active, and donate to the British National Party.

Full video below

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