All to Play for in Tudhoe

Sat, 22/12/2012 - 10:30
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The winter weather doesn’t stop work in Co. Durham where an election is currently being fought for the Tudhoe ward in Spennymoor.

This area has been worked by members and supporters of the British National Party since 2006 and we average around 25% of the vote.

This is hardly surprising given the good work our activists are continually engaged in within their community, as if they were already Councillors.

When he called the election Adam Walker, our National Organiser and campaigns manager for this election attended the Town Hall to book a meeting in order give constituents the opportunity to meet our candidate, Pete Molloy.

Adam always does this in an election period using the Representation of the People Act to secure a room, as outside of an election period the Town Council refuse to hire rooms to our perfectly legal political party quoting the Race Relations Act.

This is despite regular adverts appearing in the local rag to the contrary.

Who would believe that the only party proved by the highest court in the land not to be racist would be denied rooms in a public building in a town where one in four people vote in its favour.

And all because the Liebour Councillors who make up the majority of the council believe they have more authority than the High Court.

Whilst booking a meeting room Adam was greeted by the Town Hall Clerk who told him that people wouldn’t be happy, as calling an election is a waste of money.

Adam replied; “what price can be put on democracy? There are people dying around the world fighting for their democratic rights and as long as the British National Party exists here in this town the days of Councillors co-opting friends and family members to join them at the trough are well and truly over”.

Adam asked if attendees to the meeting booked for 7 pm on January 3rd 2013 in the Memorial Room could enjoy a free bar, just like the councillors do; to which he got no reply.

He then went on to say that if the council were so worried about saving money then perhaps they should consider asking Councillors to pay for their own drinks, just like the rest of us have to, or perhaps increase the council tax bills in the town, which are already the highest in the country.

Earlier this year all but one Lib Dem Councillor resigned from their party in disgust at the shenanigans of their limp wristed leader Yellow Clegg.

They now sit on the Council as Independents, making the British National Party the only real opposition in Spennymoor.

“This is going to be a very interesting election as there are only two candidates, myself and the person the Liebour party would have voted onto the council unopposed had Adam not called the election.

The result of this election will be a good indication of how we will do in this area next May. Adam was only 124 votes short of becoming a County Councillor in the last Unitary Council elections.

A Council which 74% of people voted against but was forced upon them anyways” commented Pete.

Adam would like to thank everyone who has helped out in this campaign so far, either physically or financially.

You know who you are and your efforts are very much appreciated.

We are always on the look out for people who can help, not just for this election but for other community activities too.

If you can help us here in Co. Durham then please email or call 07503 779 207.

If you would like to make a donation towards this campaign please make cheques / postal orders payable to ‘British National Party’ and send to PO Box 105, Spennymoor, Co. Durham. DL16-9BJ.

Your donation will be credited to Co. Durham.

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