Your chance to land a blow on a Rotten Westminster

Tue, 27/11/2012 - 18:00
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Dear fellow patriot,
MPs expenses scandal explodes again. Paedophile cover-ups and revelations rock Westminster elite. Britain ruled by crooks and perverts.

How many times have you listened to TV lies about our party, or watched Lib/Lab/Con politicians sneering and smearing as they've attacked us?

How many times have you wished we had the tools to hit back, to take the fight to them, to wipe the arrogant sneers off their greedy faces?

Well, now that's exactly what's going to happen.

We are currently putting together an online Sleaze File which will catalogue the corruption and perversion of the Establishment.

The sick connection between Savile and the Euro traitor and pederast Ted Heath.

Top Labour politicians and the Paedophile Information Exchange.

How Ministers rake in fortunes for helping greedy big business loot our public services.
How Liverpool Labour boss Joe Anderson tipped off a paedophile suspect about a planned police raid – and was rewarded by being made Labour Mayor.It'll astound you!

We need to strike while the iron of public anger is hot.

The work produced for this great campaign is being paid for by Nick Griffin from his MEP's communication budget as part of his campaign to clean up Britain and help constituents who feel let down by the out-of-touch elite.

But we also need to expand the Party website and produce BNP material to run parallel to this campaign.

So if you want to hit back, if you want to help equip the activists with the political ammunition they need to land devastating blows on opponents already brought to the ground by their own corruption – now's the time!

Remember, these days we don't go into debt.

We're in the black and we're going to stay out of the red.

So if you want to see this great campaign rolled out hard and fast, donate now!

Labour, LibDems, Tories –they're all on the floor of public disgrace, so this is your chance to help us put the political boot in while they're down!

Remember how angry their corruption and lies make you,
and imagine how good it will feel when you're holding the materials of our fight back and thinking to yourself

"I helped make this happen.This is my way of hitting back for all the people the politicians betrayed!"

How good are you going to feel?


Nick Griffin

British National Party

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