Thu, 23/05/2013 - 17:30
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By Austen Davies-The anger has gone now; the initial rage that swept through my being like a red veil has subsided to a residue of disgust and contempt and, 24 hours on, I can begin to come to terms with what happened to a young man in Woolwich yesterday.

I say ‘come to terms’ but that does no suggest any form of acceptance that what occurred has any sick justification – it is more a question of understanding what has happened.

And how it happened.
A British soldier has been hacked to death and decapitated by two British Muslims – and that’s the first lie, because if these people lived here (they don’t ‘live’ here; they sleep here) for a thousand years they will not be British.

No more than my family of cats - generations of which have been born in the same kipper-box - will ever be herrings.
Listen to the language of the sad, demented creature who’d been made to practice the Old Testament “an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth” quote: with South-London-Afro-Caribbean diction he speaks of such things, such atrocities, happening daily in “Our Land” witnessed by “Our Women”. “You people” (that is “us”) will never be safe”.

Our Land? Does he mean Brixton or Lambeth do you think? He does not. He has been brain-washed by the Mullahs of Hate (like that other fine Englishman, Mr Qatada) to think of ‘Our Land’ as the mediaeval cultural desert such is Islam.

Back in the depths of his psyche he will be nurturing a hatred of anything vaguely White-British because of the enslavement of his ancestors.

He has yet to work out that the Slave Traders who bought and sold his and half the World’s forefathers as chattels were the very same Arabs whose foul work he has now undertaken.

Home Secretary Teresa May declared the outrage to be “An attack on everyone living in the UK” And that’s the second lie.
This was a Militant Islamic attack on White Britain and on everything that being British amounts to - orchestrated by, and executed through a viperous enemy that successive governments have thrust into our (not ‘theirs’ but ‘ours’) bosom - and which now strikes at our very heart.

There is no getting away from the fact that the British Government is complicit in this latest atrocity and will, furthermore, have funded it; every single individual involved and implicated in this ritual slaughter of a decent young lad on the streets of our Capital City will be in receipt of State Benefits.

I guarantee it. Absolutely.

The third lie also comes from the mouth of Mrs May: “Despicable acts like these will not go unpunished . . .” Yes they will. The Mullahs will continue to groom the vulnerable, the disturbed and the dispossessed - and will be permitted to remain in the shadows as their filth is smeared by their creatures across the face of our land.

The colonisation by hostile aliens of our major towns and cities will continue – and ‘British Muslims’ will sleep in Britain but continue to live in Pakistan.

They will remain un-integrated. They will retain the morals and ethics of the bazaar and the dress and customs of the desert. They will only communicate with their own kind, and in their own tongue.

They will eat their own food and watch their own TV channels. They will develop further the sub-economy grown from the principle of selling ‘outside’ but only sourcing from ‘inside’; once currency is taken within the Islamic Circle it never emerges. Ever.

The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker all buy from and sell to each other and all is well – that is until the Sock Merchant ‘joins’ the group and sells everyone socks but never buys meat (“It isn’t Halal”), nor bread (“I make chapattis”) nor candlesticks (“Oil lamp”).

Before long the other three begin to find there doesn’t seem to be as much money about as there used to be . . . There is only one solution – and you don’t need a degree in Life Sciences to know what it is; it’s what anyone would do to a cancerous tumor that threatens to poison and consume his whole body.

The only thing you have to work out is who you would trust to perform the surgery.

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