Wind farm protest, Your urgent help needed

Mon, 21/05/2012 - 13:00
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People power is what is needed urgently in Sheerness, Kent and preferably by 24th May (This Thursday). You may recall a little time back we reported that the historic Sheerness Docks were under threat from a wind farm and wind turbine factory.

 Having been messed around for some time by Swale Council by never having calls returned or being granted an appointment by their planning department, our Swale Organiser, Marc Ackland, was finally granted an appointment by Jim Wilson (Planning Officer) through his sheer persistence.

During the meeting he was told that 1,000 letters had been mailed out to people in Sheerness about the proposed wind turbine factory and farm and there was little in the way of objections and that the matter would only be taken seriously if 1,000 objections were received by the planning department, and even in this stone age of computers, the residents clearly didn't object as they could quite easily have sat down and sent an email.

It seems apparent that the letters to the Sheerness inhabitants were not mailed to residents by name and therefore Mr Wilson would not have a clue as to who was objecting in any case.

I am therefore asking that you all take the time to object about the wind farm and wind turbine factory, so that we can get the 1,000 objections in.

You can read more by clicking on this link and Mr Wilson can be reached by email at Please ensure that you mark this for Mr Wilson's attention.

This is at a time that David Cameron has called for more wind farms, and why wouldn't he? After all his father-in-law, Sir Reginald Sheffield, is coining in 3.5m GBP a year from having them on his land.

Literally thousands of jobs are going to be lost on the island and many have gone already due to the pending threat as haulage firms are leaving and these are just a few of the points. This is only one battle in what will be a war, as the planners will just come back time and again until they have exhausted all avenues - we can beat them, so again, it is people power, please act now, I don't care where you are from! I am sure that we can repeat this success elsewhere in the country.

The original story is repeated below for your information and I would like to point out some facts concerning threatened extinction of the yellow tailed scorpion (the only wild Scorpion to exist in the British Isles), the links that Nelson had with the docks and the demolition of many historic buildings, many of which according to Marc Ackland do not appear on some of the plans......

Nick Prince

South East Regional Organiser


"It is once again that we find part of our historical environment and above all jobs under threat! The historical Sheerness Docks are under threat from a Wind farm and Wind Turbine factory - The Docks themselves have a great deal of historical buildings including the Pump House and Arch Way House.

It was also at these docks that Nelson started his career when he was sent to HMS Raisonable. His body was also returned to these docks following his death at the battle of Trafalgar.

The Sheerness Docks, which closed as a naval base in the 1950’s, has managed to keep employment in the area as a functioning commercial dock with import and export facilities.

In the early 1990’s, the docks lost the Olau Line due to infrastructure and access problems. Since then a great new dual carriage way was built and in 2006 the new Sheppey crossing bridge was completed.

The docks have been bought by Peel Ports and again are doing quite well.

They have a new container contract from Containerships Limited, who were previously based at Tilbury. 

The continued fruit import, mainly of bananas, has done so well that the Sheerness Docks have the extra boat that used to go to Dover Docks. 

They handle the importation of steel, paper, timber, cars and other seasonal fruit, such as grapes. 

They handle the exportation of cars, trucks and other mechanical items to African ports such as Lagos in Nigeria. 

The old Olau berth is now how to an aggregate company. 

Least I forget, they are home to the pilot boats, tugboats and most important of all the RNLI lifeboats that are stationed there.

These companies employ everyone from HGV drivers, fork-truck drivers, office workers, crane drivers, banksmen, QC staff and security, to name but a few.

These are a mere sample of the industry that the docks enjoy.

Although Peel Ports has stated they value the existing businesses at the port they are seeking to relocate certain businesses. Where will these businesses and people go if they are kicked out to make way for the wind farm and wind farm manufacturing facility.

Vestas the wind farm manufacture say 2000 jobs could be created in and around the area but what about the existing jobs and skills that are at risk? Where are the factory workers going to come from and who will they be? It’s certainly not going to be the existing staff, the skills are totally different.

More on their plans can be found at WTM Sheerness. The planning application was submitted on 24 January 2012.

Do we really want wind farms?

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