Will the BNP keep leading the way?

Wed, 15/05/2013 - 13:00
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The British National Party is poised to become the first political party in Britain to effectively harness the power of online social media in a new recruitment drive.

May's elections results proved beyond all doubt that the British people are completely fed up with the Tory-Labour stitch-up that is the political system in Britain.

That’s why the British people are going to be more receptive than ever to our staunch anti-immigration message and our campaign to clean up British politics.

Our desire to bring big change to British politics has always been our greatest obstacle in winning elections, as the terrified political class and their controlled media allies band together to refuse us airtime, lie about us and deny the British people a real choice in order to keep their corrupt system in place.

As you know, the power of the controlled media is the biggest challenge we face. Millions want and need our message of Hope, but all they get is anti-British propaganda.

So it's up to us to find new ways to bring real democracy to Britain and give the British people a real choice.

The great news is – we’ve found it!

Right now, we are putting the finishing touches to a hugely exciting new project.

It will bring to British politics real power for grass-roots online activists to make a big difference.

It’s the same system that helped Obama win a second term in the USA and won Italy’s Five Star movement a 25% share of the vote from a standing start.

Awesome power

It’s proven to work – and we want to be the first to get it!

All we need now is your help to make the awesome power of social networking and Internet technology work for us.

Our BNP Online Activist project is our latest initiative to spread our message far and wide, to reach those who wouldn't otherwise get to hear our commonsense policies for making Britain better.

Furthermore, this exciting new initiative has a place for YOU.

By signing up online you will become a BNP Online Activist empowered with the ability to easily spread the word and recruit members and supporters to help fight to save our country.

BNP Online Activist project is an internet application that utilises the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with thousands of potential activists, new members, supporters and voters.

It completely bypasses the old controlled media and brings people together online.

Fun, recognition and prizes – a great incentive to help save Britain

The system will empower you to spread the BNP message of hope much further without even leaving your home.

By measuring how much everyone is doing to spread the word online, it also allows you to earn recognition, online badges and real life prizes.

There’ll be no other way to get hold of these unique items. No money can buy what will be earned by our Online Activists.

It’s about making spreading the word FUN and showing that you’re someone very special and worthy of recognition.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this BNP cyberspace breakthrough, and, soon, with just a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to become a BNP Online Activist.

Worth every penny

Of course, this exciting new initiative doesn't come cheap, and to set ourselves above the rest and be the first to harness this advanced online social media tool we are having to dig deep.

Right now, helping to raise money for this dynamic new project is the very best contribution you can make to our Cause.

The fact that only now are the other political parties jumping on the bandwagon to talk about immigration proves that we are years ahead of our competition in addressing the real concerns of the British electorate.

We want to be years ahead of our opposition on the technological front too.

It’s going to be worth it! Just imagine the squeals from the opposition when they see how far ahead we are of the rest.

This opportunity of reaching hundreds of thousands – even millions – of our people is within our grasp.

Please help us to seize the moment and give what you can today by donating online here.

Because, together, this is our opportunity to make a real difference and to bring fresh hope to a people hungry for real change, for real nationalism, for a real British future!

Charlie Wythe

BNP Head of Publicity

P.S. The BNP Online Activist project is our opportunity to reach tens of thousands – even millions – of our people by completely bypassing the controlled media. But leading the way with cutting-edge online recruitment through social media doesn't come cheap. Please give what you can today by donating online here and play your part in putting the BNP ahead of our opposition.

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