Why The West Fears Putin

Fri, 25/04/2014 - 11:00
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By Harry Sheldon - European Correspondent: The entire western world, at the behest of America, has turned on Russia and its people. Russians and Russian traditions are belittled by the West. Their president is attacked from every side by the media, the banking elite and Western politicians. One would have thought President Putin was Hitler's brother because of the hatred and accusations thrown at him.

While the rest of the world sinks in to an economic crisis of its own making, Russia lives within its means and cuts its suit according to its cloth. Its people are not in perpetual debt, and while their lifestyle might not be as luxurious as the wealthy in the US or Europe, they live happy lives with the prospect of retiring at 55.

While the West languishes under the onerous burden of economic slavery and permanent debt, Russia owes no one any money and its people pay low taxes.

In the West our traditions and culture are under threat. Our laws have been manipulated to permit every sin and debauchery to take precedence.

Our religion has been annihilated on the altar of political correctness, and our political systems are now so corrupt and stage managed that few bother to vote.

So what is it about Russia and Putin that our leaders want us to hate? Why is it that the controlled media are lying overtime to try to brainwash the naive to despise Putin and the Slavic nation he leads?

Quite simply Putin is a devout Christian who has put Christianity in prime position within Russia. Their laws are Christian laws, their customs are Christian customs, and Christian tradition defines Russian law and justice.

The anti-British, anti-Christian, wealth obsessed elites and Establishment apparatchiks that rule us, hate Christianity and Christians. But most of all they hate Russian Putin because he is a tough, strong, God-fearing Christian - and because he stopped a gaggle of Zionist oligarchs from looting Russia.

In Russia today you are a Christian who supports Christianity or you are against Christian Russia. Communism - an alien ideology imposed on the Russian by brutal force and with money from Wall Street banks- has been totally vanquished and thrown out of Russia. Communism today only survives in the EU and the USA.

Out ruling elite hate and fear Putin because he puts Jesus Christ first, second and third. They have spent 50 years destroying Christian values in our countries. If our leaders are to destroy Christianity for ever they have to annihilate Russia and Putin now before Russia becomes too strong.

Hence the media war against Russia, complete with fabricated stories about the most heinous evil they can think of. Our society has been primed by decades of relentless indoctrination to respond like Pavlov's dogs to accusations of 'anti-Semitism'.

The phrase is very useful to the Zionist crooks, because it not only allows them to intimidate Gentile opponents but also helps them stampede ordinary Jews into giving them money and support. It is instructive to note that the local Rabbi in Donetsk has condemned the infamous "Jews must register" leaflet as a fake, but that the Western media are still shamelessly using it to muddy the waters and incite anti-Russian hatred.

The Zionist-controlled USA planted bogus anti-Jewish propaganda in Ukraine to make it look as though Putin is mad. The EU puppet politicians and media have gone along with this lie. Zionist Obama wants a war to destroy Russia and as a consequence destroy the last bastion, as Zionists perceive Russia, of Christianity and of the white European peoples who are its historic champions.

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