Why were they given air time?

Fri, 24/05/2013 - 16:00
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Why was Anjem Choudary given airtime on BBC and Channel 4?

By Robert the Brucie-This is the question that many people are asking today. Controversial Islamic preacher was interviewed on BBC and Channel 4 last night raising anger amongst many British people, that such a person was given airtime.

The channels have been accused of giving such a vile Islamic preacher a platform. Their decision to allow him and another (on C4) airtime should be seen as irresponsible and insensitive.

Though being interviewed by women on each channel must have been hard for him. According to the Daily Mail newspaper, a BBC spokesman stated that the BBC would not comment on guests for its programme.

The Mail also reports that a Channel4 spokesman said: 4thought.tv includes contributions from a broad spectrum of religions and beliefs and of those Muslims featuring on the slot the vast majority would describe themselves as moderate.

Choudary, former head of banned Islamist organisation Al Muhajiron was behind the planned protest march in 2010 through Royal Wotton Bassett, the town where dead British soldiers were repatriated.

Their protest caused a storm of anger in Britain, one which has not been forgotten by the good people of that town, who did so much as representatives of a grateful but saddened nation.

Choudary has been accused by some of radicalising murderous scum Adebolajo, who killed our hero Lee Rigby on the streets of London.

Fellow Islamic clown Abu Nusaybah was also wrongly given airtime last night, where Nusaybah according to the Daily Mail, on Channel 4’s, website, told the programme that Britain would be a safer place if it adhered to sharia law. Scottish BNP says, in your dreams you clown, in your dreams.

Islamic cleric states murders are heroes

Showing the evil disgusting views of certain Muslims around the world, banned Islamic cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed has hailed one of the devils who murdered our brother soldier as “a hero.”

Yesterday speaking to the Independent newspaper, he understood why the killer would have carried out the barbaric attack on Drummer Lee Rigby.

Telling the newspaper that “I saw the film (of the attack) and we could see that he, (the murderer) was being very courageous. Under Islam this can be justified, he was not targeting civilians; he was taking on a military man in an operation.

To people around here (in the Middle East) he is a hero.”
According to the banned cleric, now living in exile in Beirut, he owned a stall in London which Adebolajo, would visit.

Bakri Mohammed claimed Asylum in Britain back in 1986. Once in, he set up the Hizb ut-Tahir organisation. After a split over group disagreements, he went to set up the now banned Al-Muhajiroun group.

After the London bombings in 2005, we are told by the press, that Bakri Mohammed decided to leave Britain as he was being hounded by the authorities.

We say a job well done by the authorities!

The vile Bakri Mohammed tried to return to the UK after Israel carried out attacks on Lebanon. However, wonderfully, he was told that he could not come back.

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