Why Gay Marriage? Why Now? Why David Cameron?

Tue, 08/01/2013 - 07:00
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By Nathaniel Greene-If you were the leader of a government that after 31 months in power had failed to kick start the economy, was witnessing the greatest rise in poverty amongst the indigenous peoples of the British Isles for three generations, and whose political friends were about to be exposed as serial paedophiles, what would you do?

Let's face it; we have an incompetent chancellor who has never had a proper job of work in his life.

He, along with the Prime Minister, plays at politics and economics as though it was a game of Monopoly.

George Osborne just does not care for reality or truth or honesty. The chancellor's game is power and party politics.

We would stand a better chance of this government getting the economy going again if we had a baboon for a chancellor.

Any half decent commanding general would recognise that Osborne as chancellor is a mistake, and replace him immediately.

Cameron though is in it too because the government is a charade. The real game these two miscreants are playing is political power and in the political power game those being governed are inconsequential inconveniences.

In the last decade poverty amongst the indigenous people has sky rocketed as a result of immigration.

There are over 550 food banks for the poor dotted all over the country. The only people allowed to draw food from food banks are those referred by social workers, doctors and other local government personnel.

A poor person can't just walk up and ask for food. These people are genuinely living in poverty.

With around one thousand families being supported by each food bank that means there are about 2 million people living in absolute poverty and up to 15 million more very close to needing help.

Supporting foreign dictators with the foreign aid scam is more important to Cameron than looking after our own poor.

Giving our taxes to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in the EU to fund another political scam is also more important than looking after our poor.

Protecting the paedophile culture within the ranks of the political elite is more important than helping the poor feed themselves.
Any half decent chancellor would immediately pinpoint the root cause of this country's economic problem: fractional banking.

And then outlaw the practice closing down the Bank of England and limiting all other banks to high street operations supplying ordinary banking services to the people.

He would then cancel the bogus national debt and issue debt free currency to rebuild our nation.
A Prime Minister who genuinely cared for his people would suspend all contributions to all alien peoples and get things sorted out in Britain first.

Cameron though, cares nothing for starving Britons or our OAPs dying from hypothermia, but only for Guardian reading Liberal luvvies whose vote he wants to attract.

Guardian readers care nothing for British poor only for supporting corruption elsewhere in the world and in British politics.

Our children are our future, but as has recently been revealed, our political elite in Westminster don't share this belief.

Now it has been revealed that paedophile Jimmy Savile not only openly declared his love for our then married ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, but also spent 11 consecutive New Year Eve's with her, it is becoming clear that paedophile Jimmy Savile was pimping under age children to the Conservative Party.

A Prime Minister who truly cared for his people would cancel the Christmas break for all the political elite and get to the bottom of the paedophilia problem within politics.

In that way he would show his people mattered more than anything else.
Cameron though, has shown his true colours by forcing gay marriage upon a people who do not want it.

Gay marriage is nothing more than a smoke screen to hide what really matters.
Cameron will do anything rather than face up to the truth.

And Cameron's truth is that he cares nothing, not one jot, for the indigenous British people.

He wishes to continue the banking fraud, squander our resources on corrupt overseas scams, and most importantly of all ensure the elite can sexually abuse our young children at will.

If you were David Cameron you would shout the most socially divisive claptrap from the rooftops, as loud as you could, to try to hide your incompetence, indifference and moral degeneration.

We should expect nothing less from this dysfunctional amoral fool.

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