Why does membership of the EU cost us more than other countries?

Tue, 07/05/2013 - 06:00
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Nick Griffin MEP, below answers questions from a constituent: Why does membership of the EU cost us more than other countries? 

Because they saw the UK as a milch-cow right from the word go. According to the Office for National Statistics, the net direct cost of our direct contributions to the EU was estimated at a staggering £10.8 Billion per year back in 2011 - and it is still going up!

On top of that, the indirect costs - mainly from bureaucratic red tape strangling small and medium-sized employers - are many times higher.

According to research by Open Europe, Brussels regulations have cost the UK £124 Billion since 1998 - and the bill rises every single day. We aren't the only net contributors; Germany, Holland and Finland also pay through the nose.

Meanwhile, most of the other countries receive far more than it costs them although, as Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland have all discovered, there's a terrible long-term price to pay for the EU's 'generosity' with our money.

It all began partly because we started off richer than many of the other countries, but given that the UK now has a debt-GDP ratio of 900 per cent - far higher than Spain, Italy or Portugal - it's all too clear that Britain is now an economic disaster waiting to happen.

There was also pressure on the UK to pay far more than our fair share because the European Union was partly a way of tying poorer countries to the USA/Nato alliance during the Cold War. As America's closest ally, our political elite were easily persuaded that it was a good idea to make ordinary Brits pick up the tab for the interests of the so-called 'special relationship'.

Britain's ruling political elite guilt has a serious post-imperial guilt and insecurity complex. Submerging Britain in the European Union was and remains very attractive to people who are educated in the fashionably anti-national climate of our higher education system and who do not have either the desire or the ability to stem and reverse decades of British retreat and decline.

On top of that, the Labour party is dominated by the long-standing anti-Britishness of left-wing intellectuals. They see the EU as a way of undermining Britain in general and England in particular. Labour's obsession with 'Europe', despite the damage it has done to working class communities in particular, is best understood by rmembering Jack Straw's opinion that "the English are extremely violent ..... the English are not worth saving" and John Prescott's self-hating statement that "there is no such thing as English national identity" Finally, the Europhiles have spent decades seducing and bribing members of the UK's ruling class into supporting "the Project".

Organisations such as Young European Federalists have been funded by Brussels to recruit young students at top universities since the early seventies. Common Purpose 'graduates' also spread pro-EU subversion throughout the public sector and the BBC. With so much taxpayers' money being spent to buy the political elite, it's no surprise that they still have us paying through the nose for the privilege of being ruled by unelected foreign bureaucrats and bankers.

Why are we still in? Because too many ordinary Brits still don't realise we've been sold out by a greedy, bought-and-paid for political class who belong in prison. What do we gain from being members of the EU? Nothing! There are some necessary regulations, for instance against dangerous pesticides, but there's nothing that our own parliament couldn't have passed on its own accord.

Don't be fooled by the notices you see on roads improvements and other infrastructure projects saying that they're funded with EU money. What they really should say is "funded with the small change the EU hands back. If you really want to see what your tax money's paid for, go to Spain or Poland!"

The claim that "the EU has brought fifty years of peace" is also a barefaced lie. We've had peace because the two World Wars that were caused by a mad scramble for international trade left the nations of Europe exhausted, and the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction through nuclear weapons made war unthinkable. But the tensions, hatred and instability now being created and fanned by the EU's brutal austerity programmes and looting of countries such as Greece and Portugal are early warning signs: The EU is going to replace war with civil war.

What would we lose if we left?

Nothing worth having. Just look at how much better off Norway and Switzerland are, and how much better independent Iceland has recovered from the financial crisis than the EU occupied provinces formerly known as Greece and Cyprus. When we leave, the remaining EU states will still trade with Britain because they buy from us because they need to and that won't change.

We would lose an unwanted set of elections every five years, foreigners telling us how to run our own country, hundreds of thousands of dole queue places as we trained our own unemployed to do the jobs now being taken by EU immigrants, and insane 'climate change' decarbonisation targets that are deindustrialising Britain and destroying our ability to keep the lights on while blighting our landscape with useless, tax-gobbling windfarms.

We shouldn't even let the Europhiles frame the deate by talking about "what we'd lose", we need to look at what we'd gain: Huge mounts of money, control over our own destiny and, most precious of all, the freedoms for which generations of our bravest and our best have laid down their lives.

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