Why is the British National Party standing a foreigner for Mayor of London?

Wed, 02/05/2012 - 23:06
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Isn't putting up an Italian born in Uruguay for an ethno-nationalist party a contradiction?

The looney left has attacked us for it, claiming that Carlos, thanks to the BNP, is in a position to take the very British job of Mayor of London.

They say this goes against our policy of "British Jobs for British Workers."

They would also have us believe that a British National Party government would instruct your local job centre to sort people out into two queues – one British and one foreign.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The BNP way of doing things is in fact like that of many governments outside of the crazy Western world. Instead of discriminating against their own people – as is 'normal' in Britain and most of Europe – they create policies that benefit decent, hard-working, law-abiding citizens. That takes care of their own people and, if they also have immigrants who fit that deserving bill, they benefit too.

Compare that to the policies of the ConDem government and the Labour opposition.

Thanks to them, so-called Equality Laws have created two classes in Britain today. At the top, privileged ethnic minorities and, pushed down to the very bottom, native Brits like us. In jobs, housing and in the courts, if you're indigenous British, you're a second class citizen in your own country. To millions of our people, it seems that the only time we get put first is when it's time to collect taxes.

Under the Lab/Lib/Con's Equality laws, an individual's ethnic background does effect how they are treated today. Discrimination does hurt people – our people – and we're here to put that right.

We want to bring back colour-blind policing and the allocation of benefits such as social housing on the basis of genuine need and having paid in to the system, not on grounds of ethnicity. The only group that would get special favours would be men and women who have served in HM Armed Forces, and their families. Everyone else would have to wait their turn in the queue (that said, to see how we would rapidly put an end to housing queues, see our in-depth housing policy HERE)

Those who've paid in would be ahead of newcomers and spongers, whatever their ethnic background.

Imagine an indigenous pensioner struggling along a snowy street with her bag of shopping. How does she feel when she looks up and sees that the minibus that has just sprayed her with slush is from the Bangladeshi Pensioners Association. They're in there snug and warm! But try to form an English Pensioners Association and you'd be arrested as a 'racist'!

We say that injustices such as that are the things that create racism and unnecessary tensions in the divided society built by Labour and the ConDems. Our non-racist answer is NOT simply to reverse the injustice by being unfair to anyone. We would instead do away with the discriminatory Equality laws and create a level playing field for all British citizens.

Every decent non-indigenous citizens knows that we have to work together to build a society that works. They understand that we need a common host culture, the traditional British culture, to be the primary culture. They recognise that multiculturalism is a divisive charade that is destroying social cohesion and tearing apart our nation, and all to make money for the big business backers of the three old parties.

When we chose Carlos to stand for Mayor of London, we did so not because he was the politically correct choice, but because we believed that he was the best man for the job. His brilliant handling of every media interview in the campaign has shown we were right.
The best person man or woman for the job – regardless of their ethnic background. That's the truly anti-racist position, the British National Party position. It's fair and it's just and it's right. And it's why we need your vote this Thursday.

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