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By Lady Jane-What happens when those with the most ability, who have risen as a group to become the masters of civilisation, take it upon themselves to regard it as morally correct to help a competing out-group?

How about when they take up a philosophy or religion that encourages them to take pity on their competitors and feel guilty about their own success?

This is one way to sum up the screwed up thinking behind the Achilles Heel of our folk.
It is easy to see where it started - and we do need to understand how we came to take this suicidal path - two thousand years ago, where it was written in so many phrases warning us that God desires us to love our enemies, to do good to those who hate or seek to harm us, and how those who plan to strengthen their own folk are sinners lacking the approved moral fibre.

Only those who give all away are blessed, or else we behave just like the rest of humanity and what reward would we deserve then?
Before this creed of surrender was written, our folk had a healthy view – the sort rather more like that advocated so ironically by the admirers of the brutal and war-like “Crusaders”.

It was a stance that falls in with the eternal laws of Nature where we understand that the strong defeat the weak.
We live in a culture now where the weak walk all over the strong.

The so-called “left wing” and “humanist” or “liberal” secular morality is exactly the same as the beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount in terms of it’s obsession with weakening those who come first in life’s struggles and trying to make equal what is unequal . It conditions the successful to feel guilty when those who claim to be “oppressed” ask “rights” from them.

As a result, for a long time our population has been mentally conditioned into the idea that when someone complains and asks from them, they should listen and give to the complainer.

This really stands natural morality on its head, as it allows evil an easy strategy to ruin good.
It is imagined that all the complainer wants is some kind of fairness and that equality is fair.
In the real world there cannot be unlimited freedom and nor can there be equality.

We cannot love everyone, because then we will love no one.
So you see, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are demands that give people unrealistic expectations or causes to fight for.

What must be understood as well, by those who are always the target of the Squealers, is that equality and fairness would never be enough for these whingers.

You know they are squealing at the perceived injustices of the White Race (this is a generalisation since there are degenerate squealer traitors amongst our race too).

We listen and we pity and we dismantle what we have done and we lower ourselves and we lie down and ask if it is good enough.
It never will be good enough. The only thing we can do is to... die really. That is what will satisfy them most.

As the squealers are increasingly in power, we just happen to be dying off as a race. And many of us notice that Who Squeals Wins. Those who scream saying they are offended and bring their demands to the squealers that we find ruling in our government, are given all kinds of privileges that disadvantage our own people.

We do have the squealers ruling us now even though even though we kid ourselves they are not using their position to deliberately hand over everything we own and worked for to the various other squealer groups.

And let’s not forget we paid for these people’s ancestors to live and to multiply and to come here and run our institutions.
They try to tell us they are all part of our nation yet they are there to administer its destruction.


A quote from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” by a pig whose name happens to be “Squealer” talking about the pig revolutionary named “Napoleon”:

“No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?” 

Some of us start to suggest maybe it is a good idea if we turn to squealing. They think it is the way to win back rights we have lost and argue that since the “oppressed” are oppressing us now, we should complain to them.
Expect no sympathy nor progress with such humiliating schemes.


When we start trying to copy their tactics and squealing at them they will simply laugh at us.

They would just laugh at us there in the gutter and congratulate themselves on their victory.

We should not be oppressors, and we should not be oppressed; nor should we give in to the demands of those who tell us we oppress them.

The great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche captures the essence of the victim mentality of the squealer, and how best to understand it.

Here is an excerpt of the chapter “The Flies Of the Marketplace” from “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”.

“Flee into your solitude! You have lived to closely to the small and pitiable. Flee from their invisible vengeance!

Towards you they have nothing but vengeance.

Do not raise an arm against them! They are innumerable and it is not your fate to be a fly swatter.

The small and pitiable ones are innumerable; and raindrops and weeds have already been the ruin of many a proud building.

You are not stone, but already these many drops have made you hollow.You will yet break and burst through these many drops.

I see you exhausted by poisonous flies, I see you bloodily torn at a hundred spots; and your pride refuses even to be angry.

They want blood from you in all innocence, their bloodless souls crave blood - and therefore they sting in all innocence.

But you profound one, you suffer too profoundly even from small wounds; and before you have recovered, the same poisonous worm is again crawling over your hand.

You are too proud to kill these sweet tooths. But take care that it does not become your fate to suffer all their poisonous injustice!
They buzz around you even with their praise: and their praise is importunity. They want to be close to your skin and your blood.
They flatter you, as one flatters a god or devil. What does it come to! They are flatterers and whimperers and nothing more.

And they are often kind to you. But that has always been the prudence of the cowardly. Yes! The cowardly are prudent!

They think a great deal about you with their narrow souls - you are always suspicious to them! Whatever is thought about a great deal is at last thought suspicious.

They punish you for all your virtues. They forgive you entirely - your mistakes.

Because you are gentle and just-minded, you say: "They are blameless in their small existence." But their narrow souls think: "All great existence is blameworthy."

Even when you are gentle towards them, they still feel you despise them; and they repay your kindness with secret unkindness.
Your silent pride always offends their taste.”

Forgive me for including such a long quotation, but Nietzsche really has a message for us here on how we need to change our attitudes if we are to avoid being bled dry by parasites.

Also it is so important we understand we cannot masquerade as squealers or parasites ourselves. We are the source that they suck from and where would we suck from?

They will give us nothing, only take all we have.
The various groups of squealers cry out in pain, that you oppress them and are cruel to them, even while it is they who are the attackers.

That is why they say all “racists” are White and only Whites can be “racist”, for example.
The “anti-fascists” are always taking that stance of using viciousness while claiming they are oppressed.

And our kindred do feel shame and guilt. And the squealers have always got what they want from us.

We really need to stop this belief in the brotherhood of man, and save ourselves by standing up for ourselves and pushing forward.

If we are afraid to push forward and take what we need, then others will take from us by any means necessary. It’s the way it works.

The squealers are pushing forward, they are swarming, they are prospering and all at our expense.

We must look towards strengthening, taking back our lands and more for our own people.

If they can do it to us, why can’t we do it to them? But we have our “silent pride” that Nietzsche called it, and we will not conquer them by squealing.

Should the squealers inherit the Earth, it will be a tragedy for all life on Earth, not only for us.

All it takes to turn things around is to keep the charity for our own kin, so the others can either learn to fend for themselves or wither on the vine.

Watch below, The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens.

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