While Ukip 'mesmerises' others - We're making plans for Nigel

Sat, 27/04/2013 - 05:00
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By Nick Griffin MEP - According to political commentators in the broadsheet newspapers, the strategists of the old political parties are shocked and even 'mesmerised' by the 'rise' of Ukip. They shouldn't be. There's nothing shocking or surprising in it, and it is not irresistible.

The surge of public support for Ukip is overwhelmingly the result of several years of increasingly blatant promotion by the BBC from the left (with the aim of blocking us and splitting the Tory vote) and the neo-con tabloids and Murdoch empire from the right (with the aim of pressuring Cameron on the EU and for faster privatisation).

The Ukip phenomenon is thus essentially artificial, but it is based on a very real public anger:

Anger at seeing our country's past ridiculed, buried or dismantled; our individual and collective present being turned into one long nightmare of tax demands, insecurity, frustration, foreign rule and watching our Masters rob us blind, and our future offering nothing but decline, material and spiritual poverty and minority status in the ruins of our once great country.

Of course there's a protest vote building up! It's exactly the same protest that allowed the British National Party to come within less than 50 votes of winning in each in more than 200 extra council seats in 2008. This was just one of the shocks to the System that led to a concerted, sustained attack on us by the combined forces of - well, I'll list what we've faced in a moment, in order to highlight just what a remarkable thing the continued survival of the BNP really is.

Attempted Political Murder

Here are just some of the opponents and the undemocratic attacks mobilised against us which have helped create the political space that Ukip are now being helped to exploit:

The Conservative, LibDems and the Labour Party;
the BBC;
the entire corporate broadcast and print media, with national newspapers running daily front page smears on us in the run-up to important elections;
the Equality Commission's seventy taxpayer-funded lawyers doing their worst to close us down;
vexatious and time-wasting legal attacks;
a string of NGOs and big business funded think-tanks, ranging from the Joseph Rowntree Trust to Policy Exchange, undertaking and funding detailed studies of our support and how to undermine it;
the trade union movement;
the Muslim Council of Britain and the Board of Deputies of British Jews;
local councils denying us public meeting halls;
the police intimidating venue owners to deny us private meeting rooms;
arrests and prosecutions of leaders and activists for speaking the truth and campaigning to spread it;
the gerrymandering of electoral boundaries;
changes to the electoral system deliberately intended to hit us, ranging from the customising of the Postal Vote system to the abolition of the post of elected Mayor in the city of Stoke;
changes in the law to allow groups not standing in elections to put out vast amounts of material against us in order to interfere with those elections;
massive electoral fraud;
thousands of electors - including the entire British police service - being told that voting BNP would cost them their jobs;
threats of eviction for social housing tenants displaying our posters;
the persecution of members, ranging from being sacked at work to forbidden to run a Sea scout group;
violent attacks by gangs of State-sponsored far-left thugs immune to prosecution for their crimes;
bureaucratic harassment including denial of bank accounts and other facilities freely available to every other political party in the country;
subversion and black propaganda by full-time members of state security forces and by full- and part-time infiltrators from at least two well-funded anti-nationalist campaigning bodies;
a state-funded programme to 'deradicalise' promising young members.

Still standing – and fighting back!

All that and we still took seats off all the old parties. All that and we've still got the sympathy and respect of millions upon millions of British voters, with near legendary status among working and lower middle class teenagers in particular. All that and we’ve already recovered financially and are now doing so politically as well. We're still going to prove on May 2nd that we have just developed a fresh capacity to pose a real threat to the System parties.

The attempted political murder outlined above has never been waged against any other political party in British. Yet, in spite of all that, we still have such a huge base of public sympathy that in Rotherham, Farage has just this week pointedly refused to sack a candidate with extensive BNP links, despite his pledge to do so in every such case.

Why? Because he knows perfectly well the enormous sympathy there is out there for “Brand BNP”, especially in working class areas in northern England, so he’s using the link with a candidate who is also on record as being outspoken against Islam as a dog whistle to round up working class votes by giving them the impression that Ukip are like the BNP really, but just being subtle about it.” It’s just like his idol Thatcher’s “we are being swamped” anti-immigration hoax.

So why are Ukip at present better able to tap into the public’s growing anger over immigration than we are? That too is very simple. With the exception of a put-up bit of pre-election theatrical 'persecution' by Rotherham's Labour council of two Ukip members - Nigel Farage's party has not faced a single one of the attacks against the BNP we’ve just examined.

Promoting Ukip

In complete contrast to the war waged by a massive Establishment coalition against the BNP, Ukip enjoys the unstinting support of the BBC, the Murdoch media empire, and most of the rest of Fleet Street. In addition, a succession of multi-millionaires with open cheque books reflects Ukip's status as a front for the City and at least one foreign government with a long record of interfering in Western politics.

Under these circumstances, the surprise isn't Ukip's rise, but the fact it took so long. And the extent of public hostility to the entire political elite means that it's got farther to run yet. 

The Labour Party and its allies in the BBC still seem oblivious to the fact that the Farage fire they lit to burn the Tories is going to make things very, very hot for them too - although the indecent haste with which Labour called the South Shields by-election is perhaps an indication that some of their strategists may be starting to wake up to the danger.

Writing in the Guardian (21/4/13) Andrew Rawnsley explained why all three main parties are vulnerable to Ukip. He concluded that:

"A Ukip vote is not mainly, if at all, about making a choice based on an assessment of policy. More than anything, it is about expressing an emotion - usually a feeling of intense rage about how Britain has changed and how they are served by the established political parties. It is a howl against the modern world, a scream against the establishment. There's no arguing with that. Or, if there is a way of dealing with it, none of the main parties has yet discovered what it is."

Steam vent or Revolution?

Actually, that's not entirely true. The reality is that the real experts in the manipulation of public opinion worked out some time ago their coming problem with the growing anger at what 'they' have done to our beloved country and to our children's future. That's precisely why they're promoting Ukip, and a party like it in almost every country in Europe, in the hope that the anger can be released through a populist steam vent, rather than a nationalist revolution.

Still, that's really big picture stuff. From the point of view of someone analysing everyday British politics, Mr Rawnsley has hit the nail on the head. No-one out there seems to have a clue what to do to stop Ukip.

Some nationalists are also afflicted by this cretinous rabbits-in-the-headlights paralysis. Those who went off into the wilderness following the failure of their dirty leadership campaign a few years ago are particularly despondent, maintaining that nothing can be done except sit and watch and whine and be depressing. Well, at least there's one thing they're good at!

Some other nationalists, including good people fiercely loyal to the BNP, are at the other extreme. Natural optimists and out on the streets spreading the word for us, they pick up the broad sympathy that exists for us as well as Ukip.

"Don't worry about Ukip," I was told by several of these stalwarts in the recent Gooshays by-election in north east London, "the public round here love us. We're getting hugged by pensioners, mobbed by teenage lads wanting leaflets or stickers, hoots of support from builders. No-one's even mentioned Ukip."

No, they didn't, so our team there felt no need to put out the anti-Ukip leaflet produced by Solidarity. But come election time the 75% who now don't have the faith to vote for anyone still stayed at home, while around 10% of the electorate decided that artificially promoted Ukip were a more credible way to punish the old parties than the defiant but battered BNP. Turnout dropped, but the Farage gang took that once safe Labour seat by a landslide.

Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson, sitting in the broken ruins he's created of the EDL street movement, thinks that Ukip is a force for patriotism and the defence of English working class culture, when in fact it's more blatantly internationalist and pro-big money than any political party in British political history - the Tory party included.

All this defeatism and naivety has to go. There is no need either to be frightened of Ukip, to try to pretend it isn't there or to think for one minute that it can be taken over by genuine nationalists.

Turning it to our advantage

The time has come to understand Ukip, to confront Ukip and to work patiently to turn the Ukip phenomenon to our advantage. All these things can be done, and I'm going to explain how.

I'll begin by pointing out that we've already started. While the old parties and the negative cranks are behaving like frightened chickens, the only people in the country developing and putting out an anti-Ukip message are the BNP and other genuine nationalists:

The nationalist think-tank Third Way has published several biting critiques, including a study of Ukip's Zionist agenda that attracted useful press coverage, and their incisive "Beware Ukip Thatcherites".

The nationalist union Solidarity has, as already noted, produced a very effective A5 leaflet outlining how Ukip's ultra-globalist policies would hit both the wage packets and the workplace rights of millions of ordinary Brits.

For ourselves, our website has for several months now been carrying similar messages, and Freedom has tackled the Ukip question, including with a full double-page spread in the latest issue.

Only just beginning

This is only the start. We are right now experimenting with several other anti-Ukip measures in the forthcoming local elections (as are Third Way, who have issued a hard-hitting leaflet exposing Farage's Thatcherite agenda and hypocrisy and deceit on immigration). In the South Shields election, we are putting out two different leaflets to every household, each with a section containing the toughest criticism that Ukip has ever had to face.

We have also got a scratch team spreading the truth about the Establishment's Ukip safety valve through social networking media, an initiative we will need to formalise and support in the future.

The flip-side of that is also already in play; there is enormous scope to use the Internet to inject a starter-culture of genuine nationalist ideology and political awareness into Ukip in a way that old-fashioned purges against physical entryism will be powerless to stop. I will return to this subject in greater detail in Part 2 of this analysis.

How long it will take before these united efforts have a measurable effect is of course as yet unknown, but there is plenty of constructive work that can be done.

As Third Way have pointed out, Ukip is riddled with startling contradictions and inconsistencies. These can be worked on and exploited. Not sometime in the future, but starting right now. So let's get down to the details.

Our response comes under two broad heading: Negative and Positive. The first being what we have to do to Ukip, while the second is more about what we have to do with ourselves.

Negative Campaigning - putting the boot into Nigel

This in turn divides in four sections:

a)  Leaflets, papers and posters that expose Ukip's hypocrisy and corruption, their ultra-Thatcherite, community wrecking globalism, their support for the privatisation looting of our national common wealth, their commitment to allowing multinational companies to devastate our Green and Pleasant Land with GM crops and fracking.

Most of all, we have to work to get over the fact that their so-called 'anti-immigration' policy is a hoax designed to con voters into accepting continued massive Third World immigration.

Fittingly for a self-confessed Thatcherite, Farage's secret plan to "replace Poles with Pakis" (as one Politically Incorrect wag has described Ukip's 'balanced migration' proposals) is as deceitful and empty as Maggie's stealing of the National Front’s thunder in 1978/79.

We need to develop this campaign so as to ensure that people who agree with us either vote for us or, if we're not there, abstain from voting. Ukip are not an alternative, they're as bad as all the rest, because they're the same as all the rest.

b) Social networking - we need to step up our use of Facebook and other social networks to encourage ordinary people to give other ordinary people the shocking facts about Ukip's real agenda. How many women, for example, would vote for them if they knew that they believe in a return to the days when greedy bosses could pay them less for doing exactly the same work as men?

c) Oppose Ukip's outreach operations. Up until now, Farage has been able to speak unopposed at meetings all over the country. We need to start attending his public meetings and asking awkward questions, or at least handing out leaflets about Ukip's big business agenda to members of the public going in.

Similarly, the circulation online of digitally doctored photos of Ukip's deceitful billboards should help to reduce their effectiveness, or even turn them against them. The power of social networks to shape public opinion and promote ideas and images that then turn into real life is huge and still largely untapped. We must work to unleash their full potential.

d) Letters to local papers. While the majority of local papers routinely refuse to print pro-BNP letters, it's highly likely that they will be happy to run debates for and against Ukip.

We don't even need to mention the BNP, the aim of this operation is simply to put in front of their readers the stark facts about Ukip's hugely unattractive policies. How will their soft protest vote stand up to electors hearing that Ukip would abolish sick pay, holiday pay and redundancy money?

True, it will take time for this campaign to take effect, but the more we do and the quicker we do it, the sooner we will start to see the impact. It certainly beats sitting and whining about how the BBC is helping them to steal our votes.

No long term future for Ukip anyway

Of course, there is a reasonable possibility that the real killer blow to Ukip will be delivered by Nigel Farage himself within a couple of years. If the Tories can be panicked into ditching Cameron then Farage has already promised to try to do a deal with his successor. That could easily lead to Ukip being sucked back into the Conservative Party from whence it came, which make Ukip's present role as a breaker of middle class voting habits a massive future 'plus' for us.

But we can't afford to sit on our hands and hope for that happy day, we must get to work now to block their drive for our existing mainly ex-Labour vote. Indeed, we already hard at work on this.

We will get an early indication of how effective that work can be on May 2nd, because - as already explained - we are experimenting with our anti-Ukip operations in several County Council wards and in the South Shields parliamentary by-election on the same day.

Once we get a better idea of what works best, we will make it available nationwide, so that everyone can join in.

Positive promotion of genuine nationalism

With these elections out of the way we will also be able to get down in earnest to other part of our long fight-back campaign. This is not about negative attacks on other parties, but rather how to present the BNP and our nationalist ideals in very positive way.

This is particularly vital if we are to put down roots with, and inspire, the large and growing section of the population that has at present given up on the whole political process. After the election, I will be able to give you the results of our first exciting experiment that has already proven that we can indeed do this.

In the meantime, Part 2 of this article will go on to explain what we are going to do to promote the winning Positive Idealism of our nationalism, and how we will be going fishing in the big recruitment pond that Ukip’s media backers are so kindly filling for us.

Because whether or not we win isn't up to Ukip or the BBC or any of our other opponents - it's up to us. If we want it enough to work for it in the right ways, we'll get it. Our time will come!

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