When is Diversity diverse enough?

Sun, 13/01/2013 - 06:00
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By Andy C-I am sure you have all read the latest Census releases which have made the papers recently, showing how London is now a white British minority city and how Leicester, Luton and Slough also have white British minorities.

As an Englishman it annoys me when I see the term “white British” used in regards to English cities, because I know that the media and Government are merely trying to 'bump up' the figure so that they do not have to report on how far diversity has gone in England.

I have included the figures for those who consider themselves as English and British because they are likely to be those people who are English but have not managed to shake off the British yoke and thus differ from those who consider themselves as Scottish and British or Welsh and British.

All the following are taken from the Census 'Nationality' spreadsheet.

Population of England 53'012'456 of which the percentage who consider themselves as being;

English 60.4%
English and British 9.1%

Cities and Towns

English 48.6%
English and British 7.0%

English 40.7%
English and British 6.0 %

English 49.1%
English and British 6.7%

English 41.9%
English and British 5.4%

English 40.7%
English and British 9.9%

Watford (because it is on the Brink of being a foreign majority)
English 50.0%
English and British 6.9%

London (inner and outer)
English 37.1%
English and British 5.4%

English 48.6%
English and British 8.6%

English 34.1%
English and British 4.6%

English 42.5%
English and British 8.7%

Now these disturbing figures beg a deeper and more urgent question, and that is when is a nation diverse enough?
Perhaps some politician could answer that question.

British politicians decided that a white English majority population in England was something bad, and therefore England needed to be made diverse.

Thus the great lie of diversity, mass immigration and its benefits began. Today this process is still ongoing as Cameron talks about limiting EU immigration whilst makes no mention of non-EU immigration.

When discussing EU immigration we need to consider this, how many EU immigrants have taken out a mortgage? Very, very few! Why? The answer is simple.

They are renting properties whilst sending their wages home because they know Britain is going to 'crash and burn', and when it does they will return to their homeland with banks accounts bulging with British money and live in countries where the pound goes a lot further than it does here.

Obviously London is not considered diverse enough with a White English population of 37.4% , so what does that say for the rest of England?

When the English are 37.4% of England's population will we still considered not diverse enough?
Diversity is just part of a process of ethnic cleansing and it is the English who are being ethnically cleansed.

When will the English stop running towards the cliff-edge like a bunch of
lemmings and begin to open their mouths in protest, and in defence of the birthright they will leave their children?

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