What is a Liberal/Communist or Socialist?

Sun, 03/02/2013 - 17:00
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By Imnokuffar-Liberal/Communist definitions of diversity mean an acceptance that all things - moral, spiritual, racial, sexual and social - are of equal value in relation to other races and social groupings.

This acceptance does not extend to traditional western values as these are considered imperialistic, racist, sexist and biased.

So, basically, we are all (apart from the liberals/communists) supposed to be bereft of any notion that our values are of any consequence, and that the imposed multicultural values are the beacon of hope that will set western people free from the various biases they have developed over the centuries, since these values are old fashioned, and illiberal.

Effectively this means we should not judge any racial or religious grouping for their values even though they have the right to judge us for ours.

So what are the parameters of social behaviour that we should embrace according to the liberals? These are militant homosexuality, non-marriage, renting instead of buying, a complete acceptance of all other races no matter what their predilections are, sexual promiscuity and promoting a hatred of any values that could be deemed traditional.
What is a liberal and what exactly does the word represent?

For the rest of this article I will use the word liberal to define both liberals and communists/socialists.
Liberals champion multiculturalism, they formulate and enact diversity requirements and push through immigration into working class areas, thus ethnically cleansing these localities, or at the very least changing them out of all recognition.

They then they send their children to private schools and buy houses in white neighbourhoods. Liberals are most comfortable amongst their own hypocritical kind.

Their kind is not so much a racial group as a cultural one. If you have ever set foot in a liberal stronghold such as Hampstead, then you can recognise the very expensive casual wear, the cars with progressive bumper stickers, the reusable bags and the other markings of the liberal class.

The young ones may spend five years slumming it in a big city, gathering tattoos and experiences, before retreating to the traditional comforts of a posh suburb and a high end do-nothing non-profit job to “educate” the illiberal masses. Or they become teachers, social workers or politicians for the same ends.

I am not referring here to all social workers etc, just those who have been educated in the Frankfurt School and who are Common Purpose clones. These creatures usually end up in the top jobs and define the curriculum of those below them.

They know that in the end they will be financially secure as when mummy and daddy die they will inherit the family home and the insurance money.

The liberal programme is not just about their twisted notions of diversity. It is a grander and vaster program of cultural and social change. And those who promote the programme can violate any single aspect of it, without facing any consequences.

So as long as they remain valuable players who are unerring and dedicated to the cause they will be okay and even if sacked they will get massive pay-outs, and after a short while they will find another cushy job.

After all, they are giving everything to the “cause” and can therefore be forgiven for any mistakes they make.
Liberals deem that they are under incredible pressure from the great “unwashed plebs” whom they are trying to help, and from those whom they have to manage.

It would never occur to them that this sort of behaviour is condescending tripe and is totalitarian in its nature.
Liberal values are both an ideological creed and an attitude. It is a matter of having read the right books and gone to the right schools.

They have a show of conspicuous morality and the moment you think you know what their codes of behaviour are, they will change them to be even more progressive.

In fact it is a bit like a competition to see who can be the most progressive, politically correct, outraged and multicultural!
Hypocrisy is the outcome, but in their totalitarian system it is also the point.

If there are too many rules, when Liberals gain any power they feel they can make and bend the rules in the interests of what they call “fairness, equality and diversity”. And hypocrites are usually the loudest shouters on any given issue, because loudly denouncing everyone else is the surest way to advance up the ladder and to avoid being denounced for one’s own shortcomings.

For instance, when was the last time you heard a Liberal criticise the attitude of Muslims towards their (and other women)? The answer is never, because to do this would be to criticise an “oppressed minority” and this goes against their notions of diversity and multiculturalism.

It is simply not PC so these issues can be can be ignored or excused. In the same vein it is perfectly reasonable in their eyes to ignore the grooming and prostitution of our young women and girls by minorities.
Like Communism, there is only one big programme, to change society into something they are happy with.

Those who object are simply following the path of false consciousness. They do not really know what is good for them and are in dire need of re-education. People like those of us in the BNP are simply beyond the pale and are in need of a spell in a detention camp or a lunatic asylum as we are beyond their redemption.

But they do not need to worry too much about us as they have infiltrated the police and the judicial system and these (for the moment) are sufficient to control and persecute us.

The little people are there to carry out the mandates of the new order, to obey, to know what is good for them, to be brainwashed, treated like sheep and be disciplined if they do not toe the line. They do not need to worry about these little people too much either as they are kept under control by the media, politicians and mindless TV shows.

Anyway they are too busy worrying about how to make ends meet to be of much concern.
Membership of this elite has its well-earned privileges. These privileges are not for the lower ranks, but moving up the ladder means that you are valuable enough not to have to follow your own movement's idiotic rules.

The ordinary people may spend more than they can afford to keep their homes warm, while their betters take jet planes around the world to lecture on the dangers of global warming.
Liberalism is not so much about knowing, as it is about not knowing. It is about the pretending to know more than you do. It is about the empty gesture, the loud protest and the snide remark.

It is understanding that you are better than everyone else because of your humility, conscience and your caring for the oppressed, particularly - and often exclusively - if they are a minority grouping. It is about committing to something so big that nothing else matters and so nothing else does.

It is always interesting to look at the creatures who promote these messages and creeds as they are hypocrites who do not live by the same values that they espouse; and in a lot of cases are very traditional in various ways. They are a bunch of trendy, dangerous lunatics who think they are morally superior to those who disagree with them; and who think nothing of branding people as racists, sexists, homophobic and Islamophobes whenever they disagree.

You cannot argue with these bigots as they claim the moral and political high ground as their own and even if they are wrong in their assessments of various situations they can and do say that morally/politically they were correct.
They are moral, political vacuums that suck in and expel fashionable quotes.

They are stupid, ignorant, bigoted, dangerous hypocrites who refuse to engage in any reasonable argument with those who disagree with them. This is why they have the “no platform” policy whereby they refuse to share a platform or engage in discussion with what they deem to be “far right” groups.

From my point of view this defines them as intellectually and morally defunct cowards who cannot defend their point of view in rational debate.
Being called a bigot or a racist by these creatures is a pleasure I have had many times after they have lost an argument - that is, if they have the courage to engage in it in the first place!

I despise them as they are traitorous morons. However they are also in charge of large departments, money, power and influence. They define how large parts of society function, and they are everywhere.

They are the new commissars and they have influence in all of the major parties, Liberal, Conservative and Labour. You simply cannot trust any of these parties.
The new commissars live in a fantasy world in which everything becomes predictable, everything can be controlled, because this is what they have learned at university, and through their Frankfurt School indoctrination.

These people are intent, though they seem not to know it, on driving us into cultural - and eventually collective - national suicide. They are also under the illusion that this will not affect them as they will be in control.

Stupid is as stupid does? Yes. They keep repeating the same action over and over again, expecting a different result, or, better said, the result they want to achieve, at all costs. This is their goal, and the goal must be fulfilled, the goal is right, it is what the elite dictates. And what the elite dictates, that simply cannot be wrong.

These people must be resisted by all the means that we have at our disposal.

Join the BNP, vote for the BNP, and support the BNP if you want to oppose and put a stop to this desecration of our culture, heritage, land and future.

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