What do we think of the EDL?

Sat, 01/06/2013 - 13:00
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The rank-and-file are great; the leadership are Zionist puppets, explains Nick Griffin MEP.

With so much focus by the controlled media on the English Defence League, many newcomers to this site ask us how the BNP views the EDL.

The answer is simple: We have a great deal of time for the rank-and-file followers of the EDL.

We are not afraid to state the obvious - that all aspects of the indigenous resistance to Islamism and the multi-cult destruction of traditional Britain need to exhibit discipline, self-restraint and higher standards of behaviour than are now common in the ruins of this once great nation. The EDL, plainly, often falls below those standards.

But we refuse to join in the snobbish ´mainstream´ condemnation of EDL supporters for often being rough round the edges and having been let down by the UK´s broken egalitarian education system that condemns working class lads to the scrapheap.

The words of Kipling´s poem about Tommy Atkins are as true today as they ever were. These lads are spat on and sneered at until they´re wanted in uniform, then they´re all "saviour of his country, when the guns begin to shoot."

So we´re delighted to see so many normal, decent working class youngsters identifying and getting involved with EDL events that get them out on the street and active in political activity, often for the first time in their lives.

On the road to real nationalism

Not least because, while they may be drawn in to the EDL to begin with, the serious ones will often move on and come to us as they learn more about the reality of politics in Britain. So good on them!

Our attitude to the EDL´s leadership - and especially to the shadowy string-pullers behind the leadership - however, is VERY different.

As genuine nationalists we have deep ideological differences with the EDL leaders who openly support the ethno-cultural genocide of the indigenous English through mass colonisation and multi-racialism.

As followers of the good old Labour traditions of social justice and a mixed economy, and advocates of radical restrictions on the power of internationalist banks and globalist corporations, we disagree radically with EDL website's advocacy of liberal internationalist economic policies.

The EDL's Ukip in Stone Island tops approach offers nothing whatsoever to a white working class that is being nailed to the floor by reactionary right-wing austerity on behalf of the banksters and big business.

Puppets dancing to an anti-British tune

These are fields to which we will return in a further article. For now, however, let us concentrate on the worst flaw of the EDL of all: The fact that it's run by Zionist/neo-con puppets with an agenda drastically against the true interests of the British people.

Yes, ´Tommy Robinson´ is without a doubt as brave as a lion, and fair play to him for that. But his personal courage, and our sympathy for the supporters who risk baton-charges by the police and bricks and bottles from the far-left and Muslim thugs, must not blind us to the fact that the EDL is a wholly controlled subsidiary of an operation intended to stampede the public to war like cattle to slaughter.

All on behalf of the most criminal and greedy warmongers on the planet.

This is not supposition or empty rhetoric. It is borne out by hard facts - lots of them. These are all in the vital study ´What Lies Behind the English Defence League?´

First published last year, this has now been slightly updated and is now being re-released on account of the media refocus on the EDL as a result of the Woolwich murder and subsequent coverage of the ´backlash´ by papers such as the Express.

"The only significant change," says author Nick Griffin, "is to take into account the denial by one individual, Peter Risdon, of any involvement with the EDL. Rather than argue over this and go into claims by others who definitely were involved, we have accepted Mr Risdon´s denial and apologise to him for any embarrassment caused.

"The fact that, more than a year on, every other statement in this highly detailed and heavily-referenced work still stands, with not a single fact contested by anyone else, is testament to the accuracy of this expose.

'Defence' for who?

"The puppet masters have withdrawn more into the background, but the continued support for the EDL of neo-con-funded operations such as Gates of Vienna, together with their continued promotion of documents clearly intended to create and incite new versions of Anders Breivik, shows all too clearly that the overall agenda behind the EDL is not the defence of Britain.

"Rather, the aim is to push us all even further down the road towards civil war between Muslims and the rest of us, in order to strengthen the case for the real goal of the warmongers: To manipulate public opinion in favour of continual involvement in highly profitable and totally immoral wars in the Middle East."

The British National Party yields to no-one in our determination to rid Britain not just of the Islamist menace, but of the entire nation-wrecking mass immigration policy imposed without democratic mandate by a criminal ruling elite. But we also stand as the only serious political force that has consistently argued for international peace and to keep Britain out of foreign wars such as Iraq, Afghanistan and (next up) Syria and Iran.

No to Surrender AND to War!

Such conflicts have nothing to do with Britain. The Clash of Civilisations created by the combination of Sunni expansionism, American corporate greed and Zionist extremism (and being promoted on our streets by the people using the good-hearted and sincere rank-and-file of the EDL) must be ended for good. That cannot be done either by the West surrendering to Islam or attempting to ´remake the Middle East´ by the effective extermination of Islam.

It can only be achieved by sensible negotiation and by massive financial assistance for phased, humanely conceived and carried out separation. Quite simply: The West must leave the lands of Islam, and Islam must leave the lands of the West. Good fences make good neighbours. "Peace be upon you".

Read the in-depth report on What Lies Behind the EDL? (Attached below). See for yourself - and pass it on!

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