What about Wisdom and Morality?

Tue, 14/05/2013 - 20:00
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By Imnokuffar-The supposedly smarter people are very good at complicating the simple. The simpler the problem the more complicated the way they handle problems which would otherwise have a simple solution.

They get lost in theories and analysis, and forget about real, harsh life as they usually have no contact with such a mundane existence.

A lot of people give so much importance to that almighty IQ, anyway. For them, only intelligence counts, whereas there are other elements which are even more important than intelligence, and these elements are wisdom and morality.

Let us look at our country, there is no doubt some very clever people who happen to be politicians, bankers, policy makers, and civil servants among us but their level of wisdom seems to be extremely low.

What is the advantage of having a high IQ if one is self-doomed to disappear and to drag us down with them?
Driving oneself into cultural — and eventually collective national suicide — does not seem to be a wise way of behaving, regardless of the given level of genius. Is this an intelligent way of behaving?

Is it morally correct, politically correct is it for the good of their fellow citizens? That is if they have any notion that there are other people living on the same island as them.

So how many kinds of intelligence are there? In the end, I suppose there is amoral/immoral intelligence and wisdom & morality that one can use for the benefit of your compatriots/nation.

What kind of profit do they get from their high IQ, if they doom themselves and us alongside them through their pig headed stupidity that masquerades as high intellect?

The members of the ant colony certainly lack a high level of IQ, or any level of intelligence measured by human standards at all, but perhaps this is why they will not indulge in a suicidal behaviour by allowing other species of ants to mix with them, thus destroying the unity of the whole system.

What it is meant by this is that ants act in a logical way dictated by nature itself, and not by a high level of IQ. Ants act not according to intelligence, but to “common sense”, so to speak, which in their case could be translated as instinct.

And this is what the West seems to lack: the very basic natural way of behaving, the very basic instinct of survival by which the human race survived through the millennia, which has been replaced by a thing called Political Correctness, an ill and demented social theory and behaving conduct completely opposed to nature itself and created by… well, by intelligent people, by thinkers.

And this was certainly not an intelligence pervaded by wisdom, but by madness. One becomes very curious about what level of IQ of Adorno, Horkheimer & co. might have had.

For those of you that are not familiar with Adorno or Horkhiemer He was a leading member of the Frankfurt School of critical theory, whose work has come to be associated with thinkers such as Ernst Bloch, Walter Benjamin, Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse, for whom the work of Freud, Marx and Hegel were essential to a critique of modern society.

He is widely regarded as one of the 20th century's foremost thinkers on aesthetics and philosophy, as well as one of its preeminent essayists.

He was also pre-eminent in the formulation of the theory of Multiculturalism. So we have this genius to thank for the current situations in society, not just him but many more “intellectuals”.

I have no doubt that most of the bankers and economists and politicians who make these decisions are intelligent fellows. I’ll bet they scored really well on their IQ tests in school.

They probably graduated near the top of their class at Eton or Cambridge. So how can someone that smart be so stupid?
This is a very good point.

Perhaps they have climbed so high that they simply cannot appreciate aspects which are a matter of common sense. They have gotten lost in their own worlds, they have missed contact with the real world, a world which we “poor ignorants” lacking Eton degrees see clearly, because we live in it.

We see things using common sense and common sense is something that the intelligent ones look down on as it is not complicated enough.

Their motto is “The simpler the problem, the more complicated is the solution.”
They live in a fantasy world in which everything becomes predictable, everything can be controlled, because this is how they have learned it at the university and through their reading of Marcuse, Horkhiemer and co.

When an experiment or a medical trial is injurious and damaging its subjects and patients, one usually stops if the experiment continues, those responsible will likely face investigation and later prosecution.

In the UK, multiculturalism is a failing experiment, as is Globalisation, Green Energy , Global Warming and Immigration in which the indigenous British and their country are constantly injured test objects.

Those responsible for this crime do further not face any official investigation, and they most definitely do not face prosecution. No, they are feted, told that they are founts of wisdom, they are not like the rest of the population who are racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic and stupid.

They are quietly and humbly superior and think they only have the best intentions for society and those not quite as intelligent as them the common herd.
Well, of course they will not stop the experiment, as common sense would dictate.

They are convinced that everything must, and will necessarily go as they expect to. This is strongly reminiscent of the communist “five-year-plan”, in which the government’s program virtually “foresaw” the quantity of goods the country would produce in the coming five years, regardless of anything that would happen in the meantime.

The production goal had to be fulfilled at all costs, and if something went wrong, that was due to sabotage carried out either by a “fascist reactionary” or by a secret agent from the capitalist West, but never to a failure of the perfect socialist system. The more one connects the dots, the more frightening all this becomes.

Stupid is as stupid does, yes. They keep repeating the same action over and over again, expecting a different result, or, better said, the result they want to achieve, at all costs, because it is their goal, and the goal must be fulfilled, the goal is right, it is as it should be, it is what the elite dictates.

And what the elite dictates, that simply cannot be wrong. How can it be when these decision makers are intelligent, made of superior stuff, cultivated, well bought up, have attended the grandest of Universities and probably gotten firsts in political studies or social studies? However they are missing other crucial ingredients, common sense, real life work and have usually no connection with the ungrateful riff-raff they are leading to perdition.

Intelligence is not everything. There must also be morality and wisdom, and these elements cannot be measured in a scale like IQ. Low-IQ groups like the Muslims are winning, and this is probably because those Westerners with high IQ in power suffer from a total ignorance of the threat presenting itself.

In fact they do not see it as a threat they see the Muslims as voting fodder but got a nasty surprise when Respect won a seat in Parliament.

The intelligent ones see this as an aberration that will correct itself over time and the straying sheep will come back into the fold.
They turn their backs to the threat and only react when things get uncomfortable.

The recent victory for UKIP has made them look at immigration for instance, however for all their bluster there is little they can do about it as we are in fact ruled by the EU who make 75% of our laws and then dictate and stymie the reactions and decisions to the remaining 25%.

They suffer from a total lack of wisdom because they do not see nor want to see nor want to acknowledge what we all see, that their projects are an absolute failure and are a universal crime against their own nation.

I suspect that they are not even concerned with our nation as they just see it as part of a globalised world and our nation as a cog in the machine with the people being the fodder who produce goods, consume goods, pay taxes and who are to be soothed, placated, buttered up and treated like idiots if they complain.

They simply do not appreciate what is good for them whilst these intelligent people do.
They also suffer from a lack of morality, because they do not give a damn if ordinary indigenous get dispossessed, mugged, raped, made redundant, have no job or killed during this multicultural process of theirs.

However if a member of an ethnic minority are attacked (here I am alluding to St Stephen Lawrence) this is held up as a condemnation of the entire white race.

The intelligent ones then pursue this heinous act till their eyes bleed and use a mixture of fake morality, hysterical breast beating and the media to subtly point out just how racist the indigenous British are.

Sadly this is actually internalised by a lot of the British who have been brainwashed into submission. When our people are being blown to bits in London they then say that this was the result of a fanatical minority and nothing to do with Islam whilst the actual perpetrators of these foul crimes say it is.

They continue to pursue their fantasy goal, their own “five-year-plan”, the objective they think is good for everybody and especially for them.

They can take great pride in their accomplishments a new society forged from ashes of the old one, a society that is Multicultural and where people are taught to think correctly by a cunning mixture of TV soaps, pre-planned discussion panels that give the illusion truthful discussion but whose audience is rigged to agree with the Multicultural project as they know nothing else having been taught it in schools, colleges and Universities.

And if something goes wrong, well, we all know who will they blame for the mess… the reactionary Islamophobes, the Nationalist saboteurs, the ordinary people, who simply do not appreciate the monstrous amount of thinking and working they do.

They are simply stupid, reactionary and just make for a hard life for the decision makers who have enough to worry about. So they say.

So what if indigenous population cease to exist as a coherent entity, so what if they are colonised out of existence, so what if they have no jobs because they have been taken by foreigners .

Why should they care if the indigenous British are a minority in 25 years’ time all people are the same anyway. They provide a safety net for those who no longer have a job, career or profession because all the industries have been shipped abroad – they should be grateful they can get a job stacking shelves in supermarkets.

This is the reality of our elites decision making that is without wisdom or morality.

The BNP has the answers, all you have to do is vote for them.

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