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Thu, 20/09/2012 - 20:00
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EU Referendum Now Petitions,Public Enquiry Now Petitions,2012 British National Party Conference

EU Referendum Now Petitions

We have almost reached the required amount of signatures required for another trip to Downing Street.

With one final push nationwide we will be able to call on Cabbage Patch Cameron and Yellow Clegg at number 10 as we did with our ‘Bring Our Troops Home’ petition.

Who knows, we may even be invited in for a cup of tea and a slice of cake this time.

We are planning on holding a final push in the way of a National Day of Action on Saturday October 6th.

It is hoped that all of our key officials will be out and about collecting the last of these much needed signatures.

Our Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP will be visiting activists in the North West and showing our people that the place of our politicians is with their people, not holed away in some safe ivory tower, looking down their noses at those who deserve better.

Please get in touch with your local organiser to get involved with this activity.

If you are not in contact with a local official and want a campaign pack to run your own “Out of the EU” petitions and leafleting contact Alwyn Deacon on 0844 809 4582 or email him at dispatch@bnp.org.uk

Public Enquiry Now Petitions

As you are aware, the problem of Muslim grooming gangs targeting young children who are not Muslim has been taking place for decades.

Our Chairman endured a traumatic ordeal in court and faced 7 years in prison for warning about this problem almost 10 years ago. Thousands of little bodies and minds have been broken by these scumbags and yet the authorities have done very little to address the problem.

This problem has destroyed so many of our children and will continue to do so unless we do something.

Only the British National Party has the guts to address this heinous occurrence. And address it we have been doing.

With the reluctance of schools, councils, local education authorities, social services and the police to do anything about this, we are taking action and we are offering hope to those who have been abandoned by the very people who are supposed to be protecting them.

Like the ‘Bring Our Boys Home’ and ‘Referendum Now’ petitions before it, we now have leaflets, petition forms and table skirts for a ‘Public Enquiry Now’ petition which, as time goes on and the authorities continue to sleep, we will be using out on the streets.

Our people deserve better and they are going to get better. As ever, it will be us out there addressing their concerns.

We understand that the problem of Muslim grooming of our children is not happening everywhere but as time passes it will become more widespread. Who will be their next victim? Your daughters, sons, grand daughters, sisters, brothers, grand sons, and cousins are not safe as long as the authorities stand back and watch safely from a distance, the gang rape of a generation of our children.

Please make yourself available in the future as we are going to start ramping up the pressure on the wet lettuce appeasing authorities to start looking after their own people first.

The time of pandering to minorities is drawing to an end. As ever, we in the British National Party will be in the forefront.
Again, please contact your local organiser for more details.

Old Logo Placards

Please be aware that placards which display our old logo must no longer be used anywhere. This is not debatable. This includes at meeting and on demos.

We now have our new ‘Heart of Britain’ logo and we should be using this as much as possible, wherever possible.

We are prepared to swap your old logo placards for new ones.

For every two old logo placards you hand in, we will send you one A2 size placard with our new logo.

These can be exchanged at out National Conference or you can call Alwyn Deacon on 0844 809 4582 or email him at dispatch@bnp.org.uk and he will arrange the exchange.

The media do not want the general public to see our new logo.We do!
This is why they continue to use the old logo when reporting on us. This MUST STOP!

To this end we are withdrawing the copyright from general free use from immediate effect.

We would also like you, as our eyes and ears to report any media use of our old logo by sending emails with links to publicity@bnp.org.ukor webtech@bnp.org.uk to enable us to take appropriate action against those responsible for their treachery.

2012 British National Party Conference

It’s that time of year again folks.

This year our conference will take place over the weekend of November 3rd and 4th in Blackpool, by popular demand.

The price of attending the conference will be £20 per person per day or £35 for both days.

There will be a hog roast and entertainment on Saturday evening.

For conference and hotel bookings please contact Alwyn Deacon on 0844 809 4582 or email him at dispatch@bnp.org.uk.

Please ensure you book early as spaces are filling up fast.
Of course, according to our opposition we were supposed to be long gone.

The very fact that we are holding our conference again this year is testament to the fact that we are anything but.

Do Something

For information on what YOU can DO please take a look at out Activists Handbook at;
Time is running out.

Don’t waste your time watching people living false lives on TV.

Think about what is really important. Get active, get out, live your own life and DO SOMETHING to be proud of today.

Adam Walker

National Organiser

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